Tue.May 23, 2023

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Shut Up and Listen! 3 Reasons Why Salespeople Should Talk Less to Sell More

The Center for Sales Strategy

New business meetings are exciting. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of closing deals, showcasing your product, and convincing prospects that you have the perfect solution. You want to start selling, pitching your product, and showing off your brilliant product knowledge. DON'T DO IT! Just shut up and let your prospect talk. The secret to successful sales is not just about talking but also about mastering the art of listening.

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How Sales Professionals Are Using Artificial Intelligence (New Data)

Hubspot Sales

On average, salespeople save two hours and 15 minutes a day using AI. Based on this stat alone, it's no surprise why so many sales teams are folding AI into their workflow — and saving time in the process. Here, we'll explore how salespeople are harnessing the power of AI in their day-to-day work with insights from our 2023 State of AI Report. Let's dive in.

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10+ Continuous Improvement Techniques and Methodologies | KaiNexus


Continuous business improvement refers to the ongoing process of identifying, analyzing, and enhancing various aspects of a company's operations and processes. This process management approach constantly seeks ways to make the organization more efficient, effective, and competitive. This article will describe many of the most popular continuous improvement techniques and methodologies.

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The OODA Loop


Decision Making is critical for every business. Military strategists apply their training and experience to devise battle plans and make quick decisions aimed at achieving specific objectives. Military strategies, concepts, and practices have found widespread application in businesses as well as everyday life. Writings, memoirs, and experiences of famous military historians and strategists—such as Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” Clausewitz’s “On War,” and Liddell Hart’s “Strategy”—have been well-

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How to Leverage Intent Data for Better Outcomes

Speaker: Susan Spencer, Principal of Spencer Communications

Intent signal data can go a long way toward shortening sales cycles and closing more deals. The challenge is deciding which is the best type of intent data to help your company meet its sales and marketing goals. In this webinar, Susan Spencer, fractional CMO and principal of Spencer Communications, will unpack the differences between contact-level and company-level intent signals.

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Sales Coaching – Make Every Sales Rep a Top Performer


Sales Coaching – Make Every Sales Rep a Top Performer ← Back to blog Coaching sales reps is vital! And therefore, this blog post is going to be all about sales coaching: What is it, what’s the value, and what does it take to make every sales rep a top performer. In short, Sales coaching aims to help salespeople reach their sales targets, advance their sales skills, build confidence, and ultimately drive revenue growth for the organization as a whole.

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Symantec’s Rapid, High Engagement, All-employee Cascade (from the Accelerated Corporate Transformation Method)


Editor’s Note: This article provides a thorough introduction and overview to a 5-minute video case study of Symantec’s Corporate Transformation process led by Robert H. Miles , former Harvard Business School professor and the world’s foremost expert on Corporate Transformation. Watch the full lecture on YouTube here. Dr. Miles also has released a comprehensive Flevy Executive Learning program on his Accelerated Corporate Transformation (ACT) method , a proven methodology has been suc

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Cyara Announces OpenAI GPT-3 Integration to Accelerate Conversonal AI Chatbot Training and Testing

Customer Think

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How to control customer service costs in the software industry


As a result of today’s macroeconomic climate, software companies are looking for ways to control costs, accelerate net retention, and drive profitable growth. This requires a focus on building customer loyalty through differentiated CX. Agents play a critical role, but many are struggling to keep up with evolving customer expectations. Learn how a tiered approach to customer service can increase customer satisfaction and keep operating costs in check.

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Best Practices for Leveraging Content Across Multiple Social Media Channels

Strategic Communications

There are a wide range of social media channels available to today’s marketers. There are so many that it can be challenging to decide which to use—and how to use them most efficiently and cost-effectively. Yes, there are costs involved in posting to social media, even if you do it yourself. Time is money, and, especially for do-it-yourselfers, time spent on social media means an inability to spend it on other potentially higher-value activities that uniquely require your expertise.

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Strengths of DISC Styles: Teamwork with Different Personalities


How can a team function and thrive when made up of individuals from various backgrounds with different personalities and priorities? Adapting to these diverse and unique styles requires knowledge about communication and psychology, and the DISC framework provides these. This framework was developed from research over many years by psychologist William Marston, and it can help you to understand and identify your preferred behavior type and how it can relate to the behavior types of the people aro

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Negotiate Larger Deals More Quickly

What if there was a better method of changing the conversation with your customer from delivering pricing to delivering value solutions? A method that would help keep you in control, manage the uncertainty, and close larger deals more quickly for you and your company? There is.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Augmented SAM

Mercuri International

To say that we are living in a time where artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly relevant is a masterpiece of understatement. The pace of development has been breathtaking, yet AI’s impact on jobs, industries, and society as a whole is only just beginning to be appreciated. However, while it’s tempting to debate the full breadth of philosophical and ethical issues that AI — particularly generative AI — raises, it’s also useful to look at it at a more pragmatic level and ask, “What

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The different kinds of Wholesale Businesses


Wholesale businesses are all around us. From fueling the dropship revolution to supplying critical pandemic supplies worldwide; wholesalers are an important part of our economic infrastructure. Research Germany explains, “the German wholesale and retail trade represents an annual turnover of 2.19 trillion Euros and 6.4 million employees. There are about 150,000 wholesalers and about 300,000 retailers.

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CXO Perspectives: Leading Change Agendas

Farland Group

Over the past year, Farland Group has interviewed hundreds of C-suite leaders of Fortune 500 companies, across industries and roles, including CIOs, COOs, and CSCOs. During those conversations, we have repeatedly heard about the impacts of new technologies, the acceleration of disruption, and the need to respond. “The world is changing because of ChatGPT and AI…” one executive told us.

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Why Offering Reputation Management Improves Your Marketing Agency Valuation


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The B2B Sales Leader's Guide for Any Economic Environment

When economic headwinds pick up, sales leaders are the first to sound the alarm — and chart a new course. Longer sales cycles, larger buying committees, increased price pressure, and smaller teams can quickly combine to reduce your margin for error and increase the urgency to find a solution. To thrive in a challenging environment, sales teams need a rock-solid grasp of the fundamentals and the biggest force-multipliers they can get their hands on.

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May 23 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Customer Success Manager Location: Melville, NY, United States (Remote) Organization: Get It Recruit – Marketing As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the MyAdvice suite of digital marketing products and services. Be in charge of and cultivate the relationship you have with your allocated clients, ensuring their pleasure, growth, and retention.

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Revealed: 7 Reasons Why Project Management Tools Do Not Work Well Anymore!


Project management tools are an integral part of most businesses today and have been so for a few decades now. The tools are used for planning the project, allocating resources, assigning tasks, and tracking the progress thereof. Theoretically, there seem no issues in the entire process. But, if you have been part of several projects you must have noticed that some of them fail, despite your best efforts.