Sun.Sep 18, 2022

The Secret Formula For Prospecting….

Customer Think

The other day, I wrote one of my LinkedIn whining posts. I was, once again, whining about how poorly people prospect. As usual, it generated a lot of conversation about how widespread truly ineffective prospecting is.

Sales Forecasting is Dead (video)


In this expert insight interview, Art Harding discusses “The needs and applications of sales forecasting.” ” Art Harding is’s Chief Operating Officer, the highest position in the Operations department, so he has a say in how the Operations department works.

The Consumer Sector: 10 GTM Fundamentals Of Launching Products To Market

Customer Think

What do Segway, Coca Cola C2, Lululemon Astro Pants, and Allbirds leggings have in common? Failed GTM (go-to-market) strategies that resulted in product launch disasters.