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How to Scale Your Sales Team Effectively, According to AWS' Startup Advocate


Business growth can be an incredibly exciting and exhilarating time at your company. But it can also be stressful, challenging, and messy. Scaling effectively is vital for long-term business success. Consider, for instance, how half of all startups fail within the first five years.

Stop Trying to Persuade; Facilitate Congruent Decision Making Instead

Customer Think

I recently heard a project manager in a software services company mention a ‘very important’ book on persuasion that she passed on to her team. I was curious why she liked it. S: It’s vital we persuade our clients.


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15 essential sales skills and qualities, according to experts


The pressure is on as a sales professional. You must keep up with constant changes in buyer behavior while connecting with potential customers, nurturing leads, and closing deals—all in hopes of hitting your sales targets.

The Key Account Strategy Template for B2B Businesses


Creating an ironclad plan for key account management that guides individual account growth and gives you organization-wide insight isn't easy.

How Zoom Uses AI to Ramp up Sales Certification and Proficiency

Zoom were struggling to ensure that sales reps around the world - with different levels of experience and proficiency – were getting certified on updated messaging. Traditional methods were unexciting, time-consuming and ineffective! But using a new innovative method driven by AI, Zoom managed to: Achieve 100% participation for their certification program, increase the number of practice sales conversations performed by each employee, and standardize feedback and scoring of practice sessions. Find out how in Second Nature’s Customer Case Study!

Why Pricing Is So Hard and Why Most Companies Mess It Up

Holden Advisors

Why is pricing so difficult? And why do so many companies get it wrong? It often comes down to organizations not being clear on pricing purpose. Just think—what are some of the pricing purposes we hear in big organizations? One of them we hear a lot is “price to cover cost.”

Reimagining Events in a Hybrid World

SBI Growth

A hot topic on the minds of executives, validated by SBI’s Growth Advisory Board Program, is what the future of the workplace looks like and how to create an impactful EX and CX in a hybrid environment. Executives are looking.

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How to Scale Customer Support Without Compromising Service

Help Scout

It’s possible to deliver higher volumes of customer service at a consistently high level of quality — here's how. Read the full article


Leveraging Conversation Intelligence to Improve Sales Coaching

Sales Readiness Group

In our research report 5 Hallmarks of High-Impact Sales Organizations , we identified sales coaching as the top sales management action to improve sales team performance. One of the key benefits of sales coaching is that it helps managers transition from chief problem solvers to sales team enablers.

How to Succeed at Overcoming the Imposter

Sandler Training

Mike Montague interviews Kris Kelso on How to Succeed at Overcoming the Imposter. The post How to Succeed at Overcoming the Imposter appeared first on Sandler Training. Blog Posts How To Succeed Self Development confidence imposter syndrome self development


Account-based marketing for strategic account management

The SAMA Podcast

Jerry, Kate and Dominique are the creators and facilitators for a new training course being offered through SAMA Academy, "Account-based Marketing: Customer-led, team-enabled." " It takes place virtually Dec. 7 & 8. Course description and registration link are here.

An Innovative & Creative Problem Solver Approach to Selling in the Medical Device Space

Speaker: Steve Goldstein, Sales Leader

Currently in sales or involved in a business that depends on strong sales results? Join Steve Goldstein, Sales Success Coach, Motivational Speaker and Medical Device Sales Leader from Gold Selling LLC. You will absorb critical strategies to become a trusted partner in greater sales success.

Help Scout’s Step-By-Step Remote Hiring Process

Help Scout

While the opportunity to hire the best people anywhere in the world is incredible, hiring for a remote team does have its unique challenges.

How to Practice Active Listening in Sales

The Center for Sales Strategy

Is it possible to sell faster by talking less? Absolutely. When sellers rely more on listening — active listening to be specific — their ability to understand client needs throughout the sales process accelerates.

Sales 85

Pick Up the Phone and Sell

Sales Gravy

On this episode of the Sales Gravy podcast, Jeb Blount, Jr makes his debut with discussion about leveraging the telephone with Alex Goldfayn who is author of the new book, Pick Up The Phone and Sell.

Sales 84

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy: Top Priorities


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one area considered by many executives to enable Automation and steer positive growth. A couple of years ago, most executives thought that deployment of Artificial Intelligence isn’t a big deal.

This Coming Holiday Season is Shaping Up to Have the Most Spending in History

As for what shoppers want to buy most, you'll have to read the “2021 Holidays Unwrapped” report by Klarna to find out. Download it here!

4 customer service challenges (and how to solve them)


4 customer service challenges (and how to solve them). This is part 2 of a customer service blog series based on conversations with members of Insightly’s client services and customer success teams.

Top Use Cases of AI/ML in the Fintech Industry

Customer Think

AI has progressed significantly since then, and it is now employed in a wide range of applications. FinTech are particularly interested in it, either to develop it or to utilise it themselves, because it has so many useful applications.

Weekly Roundup: Secrets to Survival, Sales Analytics + More

The Center for Sales Strategy

- MOTIVATION -. Earn your leadership every day.". Michael Jordan. AROUND THE WEB -. > > 4 Secrets of Survival You Should Learn from ESOPs – The Great Game of Business. Research shows that companies who share ownership widely with employees survive recessions better than ones that do not.

The New Era of Hybrid Working – Dealbreaker & Gamechanger

MDI Training

For most companies, the new “hybrid” reality means increasing flexibility of workspace and working hours coupled with a lot of change and new organizational models. But the work performance results currently speak for themselves, as many employees work even more productively from home.

Top 10 Tactics for a Successful SKO!

The 2022 Sales Kick Off is your big opportunity to align your sales team and drive change. Make sure it's successful with SecondNature’s SKO Ebook! Find out: ? How to set the right goals and KPIs ? How to translate vision into tactics ? How to keep salespeople engaged.

What Every B2B CMO Should Know Today

SBI Growth

With executives facing the same challenges and experiences, and in this unique time, on a level playing field. Clarity is needed for the C-Suite in terms of Marketing. Many CEOs have placed digital investments on the back burner and now.

B2B 72

How to Use Voice AI to Empower Live Agents

Customer Think

Your call center agents are the lifeblood of your contact center. They have a huge responsibility to represent your brand during a customer’s time of need and frustration, all while actually solving a customer service issue in real-time. Now that’s a tall order.


7 Unexplored Merits of Investing in Employee Experiences

The Center for Sales Strategy

Great business leaders have a knack for leveraging all plausible merits of different business tactics. What enables them to do so is their incredible vision to innovate and drive exceptional outcomes from usual scenarios.

How to upsell: Tips and tricks from the pros


Longtime customers are the lifeblood of a business. According to Marketing Metrics , you are 14 times more likely to sell to an existing customer than you are to attract a new one. What’s more, acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than simply investing in retaining one you already have.

CRM 72

Increase Revenue with Faster Sales Onboarding

Quotas need to be hit. Revenue goals need to be met. This reality makes shortening sales onboarding time a top priority. This exclusive eBook, Increase Revenue with Faster Sales Onboarding, provides details on how to: • Achieve your sales organization's goals • Increase revenue • Avoid turnover • Give reps a path to success Download the eBook today!

Uncovering the Secret to Clean Data

SBI Growth

In today’s world, CEOs are having to make critical business decisions while being saturated with data, trends, and ever-changing technologies. With all of this conflicting or faulty information, how can you make sound judgments for your organization without the threat.

Your Guide to Improving and Measuring Customer Experience

Customer Think

The saying “The customer is always right” remains true; Keeping customers happy is a crucial part of any business. One of the best ways to stay in tune with your customers is by nurturing the customer experience.

Selling to Complex Accounts: Your Customer Coach Relationship Strength

Sales Readiness Group

When navigating a large, complex sales opportunity, one of the most important relationships a sales rep can cultivate is the "customer coach.". Building Relationships Sales Management Complex Sales

Partner of Choice or Excellence in Partnering?

Peter Simoons

Many organisations want to be a Partner of Choice; the de facto organisation others turn to for a specific challenge. You probably recognise situations in your own personal environment.

Buyer Intent Data Guide: How to Find Prospects Already Looking to Buy

Collecting and understanding buyer intent is a must for any marketer or salesperson looking for a higher success rate in reaching active buyers. Throughout this eBook, we’ll explore how to monetize intent data, where it's sourced from (and which sources you should be wary of), as well as how to best utilize it within your outbound campaigns in order to drive more pipeline each month.

The Book That Changed My Customer Service Career

Help Scout

This post is part of The Supportive, Mathew Patterson’s column for customer service professionals. Learn what The Supportive is , or browse through all of the posts from this series.

How to Prepare Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2022

Customer Think

It feels like we just started planning our marketing strategy for 2021, but here we are, getting ready for 2022. If you’re like most people, your goal is to start the new year strong with robust marketing strategies designed to help you secure more leads, sales, and engagement.

Answers to Common Questions about the Lean Management System


The Lean Management System is a popular business process methodology that started in the manufacturing sector but quickly spread to healthcare, software development, construction, and a host of other fields.

How Content and Email Marketing Work Together to Build Your Business

Outbound Engine

Before we dig into how content marketing and email marketing work together, let’s start at the very beginning. What exactly are content marketing and email marketing?

The Blueprint for Better Sales Onboarding

Onboarding – every company does it, but a shockingly few do it really well. So the question is – how do you break the cycle and onboard salespeople in a way that actually works? This exclusive eBook provides 6 steps to better sales onboarding. Download the eBook today!