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Setting the Foundation for Your Customer Strategy with a SWOT Analysis


Creating a long-term plan for every client in your company's book of business isn't just a valuable habit for growing revenue and building a stronger relationship.

Stakeholder Mastery 3.0 – The Six Steps You Must Take

Jermaine Edwards

In 2016 I wrote a post on the five foundation steps for stakeholder management success in key account management, that was well received and guided lots of leaders.


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One of my First Negotiations

Software Sales Guru

One of my First Negotiations I’ve said before that a master negotiator makes sure his counterpart walks away from the table feeling like a winner. All savvy buyers are players, and they love negotiating, which they treat like a game.

Intangible Benefits Aren’t

Engage Selling

As a sales coach and trainer, I talk a lot about why you must make value-based selling the focus of your work.

100 Pipeline Plays: The Modern Sales Playbook

For the first time, we’re sharing the winning plays that took us from scrappy startup to a publicly traded company. Use our proven data-driven plays to grow your pipeline and crush your revenue targets.

Delivering Excellent B2C Customer Service: 7 Best Practices

Help Scout

B2C customer service differs greatly from its B2B counterpart, and many strategies need to shift to do it well. Follow these 7 tips to excel. Read the full article

B2C 94

How to Succeed at Burning Your Bridges [PODCAST]

Sandler Training

Mike Montague interviews Danny Wood, Sandler trainer from New Jersey on How to Succeed at Burning Bridges. The post How to Succeed at Burning Your Bridges [PODCAST] appeared first on Sandler Training. Blog Posts Professional Development Self Development goals personal development Risk


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Sales Leaders' Top Challenges — Coaching

The Center for Sales Strategy

You're not an Avenger. I know that is disappointing. Trust me, I'm disappointed, too. Who doesn't want to be a superhero? We all want to be the man or woman who swoops in to save the day, but that only gets to happen in a Marvel or DC movie.

Sales 81

What is B2B sales? Business to business meaning and strategy


Even though most of us hear ‘sales’ and jump to the image of an individual buyer in a store, it turns out that the majority of sales money doesn’t come from customers but from other businesses. In fact, B2B sales are projected to bring in approximately three times the revenue of B2C sales by 2023.

B2C 77

10 Real-Life Examples of How B2B Companies Can Build their Email Lists


Driving people to your website isn’t the final goal of your marketing activities. It doesn’t matter how high your site traffic is, if you don’t know how to make the most out of every visit.

B2B 108

Why Measuring the Overall Customer Service Experience is Not Enough

Customer Think

A broadly accepted notion is that a customer service interaction is an isolated, one-time experience for the individual.


This Coming Holiday Season is Shaping Up to Have the Most Spending in History

As for what shoppers want to buy most, you'll have to read the “2021 Holidays Unwrapped” report by Klarna to find out. Download it here!

Sales Development: 5 Ways to Grow Revenue Without Selling New Customers

The Center for Sales Strategy

Most sales leaders talk too much about new business development. The truth is: they would be better off yapping less about selling new customers and yapping more about growing existing customers. sales performance sales process

Sales 76

Top ways to drive collaboration between support and development teams


Customer support agents are your business’ eyes and ears. They know what your customers need, what they expect, and what they think about your product. Meanwhile, if your organization is in the tech or software industry, developers are its backbone.

How to Build & Grow a Culture of Continuous Improvement


Company culture is what makes one organization different from the next. The team's shared values, goals, and expectations contribute to a thriving organizational culture. Leaders who are dedicated to continuous improvement make it the cornerstone of their organization's culture.

5 Fresh Tactics to Invigorate Your Newsletter

Customer Think

Source: Freepik You can accomplish so much by sending email newsletters. You can keep readers updated about your products and the developments in your brand. Of course, there are also the marketing aspects.

Your Guide to Using Conversational Marketing to Drive Demand Generation

What is conversational marketing really about? This guide will examine the market forces at play, shifting buyer trends, how to leverage conversation marketing, and the tactics involved in adopting it for a B2B demand generation strategy.

The 4 Schools of Strategy


Over the years, countless business frameworks on Corporate and Business Strategy have been developed. We can categorize these frameworks into 4 schools of thought. Let’s call them the 4 Schools of Strategy , which are: The Position School. The Execution School. The Adaption School.

9 vital tips to finding & winning clients for your digital marketing agency

Crank Wheel

In this article we’ll cover nine very effective methods for getting more clients and the best thing is that you don’t have to work super hard to achieve this goal

9 Easy to Deploy Continuous Quality Improvement Tools


Quality management programs are often associated with large organizations, such as automotive manufacturing or large healthcare systems. These organizations often have teams dedicated to quality control, and they may leverage specific business process methodologies such as Lean or Six Sigma.

How autonomous automation is the future

Customer Think

During the past weeks I had a couple of observations and conversations that lead me to thinking that sometimes software vendors underestimate the power that their machine learning based systems could have to improve the lives and experiences of employe. Blog Customer Analytics Enterprise Technology

LinkedIn + ZoomInfo Recruiter: Better Data for Better Candidates

Check out our latest ebook for a guide to the in-depth, wide-ranging candidate and company data offered by ZoomInfo Recruiter — and make your next round of candidate searches faster, more efficient, and ultimately more successful.

David and Goliath Relationships

Peter Simoons

Imagine you are walking into a showroom to buy a product. Not just a product, but one you really need to keep your business running. You have some extensive conversations with the store owner, simply because you want to understand how the product fits your business.

Writing Your Own Customer Service Recipe Book

Help Scout

Understanding how and when to deviate from the recipe you started with is how you develop your own style and grow your career as a customer service professional. Read the full article


Nov 26 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Customer Success Director Location: Remote, Raleigh, NC, US Organization: Onna As a Customer Success Director, you will become an expert on the Onna platform and integrations, while keeping up with industry trends and competitors.

How to build a sustainable business with customer loyalty

Customer Think

Keeping a customer is so much cheaper than acquiring a new one- a discussion for eCommerce Customer trust precedes loyalty. You must engage your customers first, provide them top-notch service, and make sure always to offer additional value with your products.

A Recruiter’s Guide To Hiring In 2021

With vaccination rates rising, consumers spending more money, and people returning to offices, the job market is going through a period of unprecedented adjustment. As the New York Times observed, “It’s a weird moment for the American economy.” And recruiting professionals are caught in the middle. To make the most of this disruption, you need to understand the economic drivers, develop a strong strategy for unearthing valuable talent, and use the latest tech tools to get the job done. Read this guide to get your recruiting practice ready to thrive in the new normal.

How Jaclyn D’Arcy at GHX Drives Sales Readiness | Building Modern Sellers Blog Series


Meet Jaclyn D’Arcy, Director of Revenue Enablement at GHX. In this interview, Jaclyn provides a unique perspective on why her role is important and you can build a revenue enablement team. .

The 9 Best Hiver Alternatives for Team Collaboration in 2022

Help Scout

Hiver is a step above a shared mailbox, but it still lacks the collaboration tools many teams need. Consider these 9 Hiver alternatives. Read the full article


Nov 25 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Customer Success Director- Remote- US Location: Remote, New York, United States Organization: Foodsmart As a Customer Success Director, you will ultimately be responsible for nurturing and growing the relationships with the health plan and employer customers and ensuring their long-term viability.

What Matters Most To Todays B2B Buyers

Customer Think

Photo by Unsplash, CC0 1.0 What’s the greatest hurdle you face when trying to sell your products and services? For B2B sellers, grasping the thought process behind a customer’s purchasing decisions can be particularly challenging, as that thought process isn’t strictly governed by logical elements.

Reaching Unreachable Candidates

Speaker: Patrick Dempsey and Andrew Erpelding of ZoomInfo

What is ZoomInfo for Recruiters? Find and connect with the right talent to fill roles fast with more data, basic search, advanced search, candidate and company profiles, and export results. Watch this On-Demand Webinar today to see how ZoomInfo for Recruiters can work to get your talented candidates results.

How an integrated CRM and marketing automation platform accelerates sales


Is your business using separate apps and software to fulfil your customer relationship management needs? If so, you’re probably spending more time and money managing a complex setup than you’d like — without getting the results you want.

CRM 52

This is What I Do: Lead With Integrity


Why Building An Extraordinary Company Requires That Leaders Lead With Integrity If you’ve been a business owner for any length of time, you are probably pretty familiar with the idea of needing to do everything for your company. When you start out, that is often the case.

The P’s & T’s of Customer Success


Every leader should develop a personal framework to organize how they approach their work. Customer Success leaders benefit from a personal framework since time is in short supply and we constantly need to prioritize our efforts.

15 Major Causes of Mobile App Failure and How to Avoid Them

Customer Think

Mobile apps can turn into massive successes or unmitigated failures, and the difference often comes down to the amount of hard work and care that went into development.


Increase Revenue with Faster Sales Onboarding

Quotas need to be hit. Revenue goals need to be met. This reality makes shortening sales onboarding time a top priority. This exclusive eBook, Increase Revenue with Faster Sales Onboarding, provides details on how to: • Achieve your sales organization's goals • Increase revenue • Avoid turnover • Give reps a path to success Download the eBook today!