Fri.Dec 01, 2023

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The Account Management KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Brooks Group

Whether your organization has a dedicated Account Management team, or your salespeople are in charge of managing their own accounts, it’s important to establish account management KPIs to measure performance and effectiveness. Put simply, strategic account management is all about responsiveness, problem-solving, customer satisfaction, and building long-term relationships that lead to additional revenue.

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2024 Outlook: CEOs Reinvesting in Strategic Growth and Value Creation

SBI Growth

Despite the uncertain market conditions throughout 2023, most CEOs seemed to have stayed consistent with their value creation thesis, with an even split between those who chose to increase expenses and those who chose to maintain expenses while accelerating growth. More optimistic attitudes toward 2024 will see more CEOs shift towards increasing expenses though, as more companies seek to pursue growth more actively.


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Mark Graban & Greg Jacobson: Thanksgiving Processes, the AME Conference, Technology, Favorite Books [Podcast]


Here's the latest episode of the KaiNexus Continuous Improvement podcast, this time featuring another conversation with Mark Graban and Greg Jacobson.

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5 Questions to Kickstart AI Implementation


In our last Strategy Collaborative Ask Us Anything session , we covered common questions related to AI implementation in your organization. This is certainly not a comprehensive guide for AI implementation in your organization! A comprehensive AI implementation is influenced directly by your organization’s strategic approach to AI, how it will impact creating value for your customers, improve the productivity for your team, and transform how to assemble your organization.

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2024, The Year of the Customer

2023's struggles fueled a shift: companies are ditching wasteful strategies in favor of data and AI-powered growth. Enter 2024, the year GTC takes center stage. Discover 5 ways a customer-centric approach unlocks new revenue and delivers lasting success.

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Top 7 mistakes to avoid in a Client Onboarding Playbook


As a seasoned professional in the realm of Customer Success , I’ve witnessed firsthand the intricate dance of client onboarding. Crafting an effective Client Onboarding Playbook is an art, but it’s not immune to pitfalls. In this piece, I’ll delve into the top seven mistakes that can plague your playbook, drawing on my experience to guide you toward a seamless onboarding process.