The Neuroscience of Decision Making

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How people make decisions. The brain makes decisions based on reflexes —instincts through which we subconsciously alter behavior to ensure biological fitness. The brain makes decisions based on habits , which implies repeating actions that prove rewarding.

Values-Based Decision Making

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I originally wrote today’s post for CMSWire. It appeared on their site on July 7, 2022. Culture can be defined as core values plus behaviors. Designing a culture is deliberate and purposeful. To ensure that “customer-driven” and “customer-centric” b. Blog Employee Engagement Leadership


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3 Decision Making Models of Human Decision Making Process


How do people make decisions? Studies have suggested that the traditional Decision Making model—commonly known as the Rational Decision Making Model—does not explain the whole ambit of Decision Making.

Strategic account managers (and their bosses) deserve better decision-making tools

Strategic Account Management Association

And yet several trends are converging to make decisions over deployment or resources more difficult. Only around 60 percent of account managers are making quota, per HBR. Better decision-making technology would have a major impact on win rates and cost of sales.

How to Transform Your Supply Chain: Digitization for Decision-Making

Speaker: Hannah Testani, CEO of Intelligent Audit

The future of the supply chain industry will take the emotion out of decision-making by leveraging innovative technology to transform raw data into actionable intelligence. Join us for this exclusive webinar with Hannah Testani to learn how to improve your company’s bottom line and, ultimately, your end customer experience.

5 Decision Support Tools for Strategic Decision Making


Do people always follow a rational linear process to come to a decision? Studies have suggested that a combination of Decision Making Models are used by people to reach quality decisions. Strategic Decision Making is a complex process with a lot riding on those decisions.

Consensus Decision Making: Trust the Process

The Center for Sales Strategy

You’ve secured the appointment with the decision maker. But aren’t you speaking to the decision-maker with the power to say yes? Of course, but you didn’t conduct the due diligence on the prospect’s decision-making process to uncover any possible decision influencers.

A CEO’s Decision-Making Framework for Weathering the Crisis

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It can be difficult to keep up with current updates and regulations surrounding this new normal. Without knowing the full implications of how long this crisis will last, how are business leaders adapting their strategies, especially when working with customers.

How this CPA-turned-CEO Uses Data Driven Decision Making to Improve Profitability w/Stephen King

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Stephen King is the President & CEO of GrowthForce , a company that specializes in outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and controller services for companies that want to run better, grow faster and make more money. podcast CEO decision making profitability

Collaborative Decision Making for Successful Implementations

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I’ve also heard of decision makers who start their information gathering before involving the full complement of those who will implement. I’ve read that some leaders and project managers prefer not to collaborate when engaging in a new initiative because they fear losing control.

How to Succeed at Understanding the Buyers Decision-Making Process [PODCAST]

Sandler Training

Mike Montague interviews Rich Isaac on How to Succeed at Understanding the Decision Making Process. The post How to Succeed at Understanding the Buyers Decision-Making Process [PODCAST] appeared first on Sandler Training.

16 Key Steps To Better Business Decision Making

FinListics Solutions

Explore 16 Key Steps to Better Business Decision Making based on experiences by members of the Forbes Business Development Council. Enjoy

How To Find The Prospect’s Decision-Making Process

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How many times have you been in discussions with a prospect and got on well, only to find that they don’t have the authority to make a decision? Sales Meetings decision-makers decision-making process how decisions are made It happened to me a number of times when I was. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Stop Trying to Persuade; Facilitate Congruent Decision Making Instead

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I recently heard a project manager in a software services company mention a ‘very important’ book on persuasion that she passed on to her team. I was curious why she liked it. S: It’s vital we persuade our clients.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Decision-Making For Businesses


We, in turn, can make more accurate decisions based on AI information. In the same we, we can expect AI to be applied further in business, particularly in decision-making. In financial services, PwC has put together massive amounts of data from the US Census Bureau, US financial data, and other public licensed sources to create $ecure, a large-scale model of 320 million US consumers’ financial decisions. It has also helped them make better advertising decisions.

How to Sell Innovative Ideas (When Everyone’s Terrified to Take Risks)

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By Brian Doyle, President, Holden Advisors Business decisions are usually made by decision makers at two ends of a spectrum. At the other end are those who fear making a bad decision and getting called out for it. Strategic account management process Strategic account management program organization Financial/business acumen Influence customer decision making Innovation

The 5 Stages Of The Customer’s Decision Making Process

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When people make decisions, they have a shift of perspective. That is, they stop wondering about the choices they can make and now start to live with the consequences of that decision. Decision Makers Sales Process The word comes. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

What are People Analytics, and How Can They Improve Your Decision Making?

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Elton Mayo was an Australian psychologist working in organizational psychology in the USA. After his appointment at Harvard Business School, he was appointed to study the high attrition rates at a Philadelphia-based textile mill.

The 5 Stages Of The Buyer’s Decision Making Process & How To Utilise It

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How do you make a decision? Many of us have, and have used the facts behind decision-making in identifying how they should work with clients. But many more haven’t studied this subject and consequently lose the ability to influence buyers in making decisions that will progress a sale and take the prospect on a journey of discovery. We all go through a process of making decisions without realising it, most of the time.

3 Ways To Ensure Price Isn’t The Main Criteria For Decision Making

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That is, price is the be-all and end-all of their decision-making process. Many salespeople believe that their customer base revolves around the concept of price. Certainly, if they listen to what. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Objection Handling how to add value to your product how to overcome price objection

Increasing Seller Adoption of CRM: Turning a Passive Data Repository into a Powerful Decision-Making Tool

Miller Heiman Group

Other systems contain duplicate records or outdated contacts that make them seem ineffective. No seller has ever said, “My CRM helped me close that deal.” Yet customer relationship management (CRM) systems hold the information that could help sellers close deals. Why aren’t sellers extracting that value? Traditionally, CRMs have been bulky and expensive, rendering them unaffordable to small businesses.

Book review: Influential Internal Communication by Jenni Field

Red Star Kim

Structure to make your point. Amongst the missing skills of managers the author lists – making time for the team, if you don’t know ask for help, be accountable and make others accountable. Focus on your home market (multinationals have got to make community work).

How Finding the Common Revenue Thread Simplifies Executive Decision Making


As each department hunkers down to run their reports and formulate their own analysis and create their Powerpoint presentations to respond to these queries, they are looking to showcase the numbers that make their department shine. That common language everyone speaks is revenue – after all a business ceases to exist without it – so naturally, each department plays their role in making revenue happen. Oh, year-end analysis. How I love thee and hate thee. Let me count the ways….

Nine insights: Sales processes and selling skills for targeting and meetings

Red Star Kim

Last week, we welcomed UK and international delegates to a PM Forum digital workshop on “Selling Processes and Sales Skills for Marketing and BD Professionals”. There were equal numbers of delegates from law and accountancy firms who had various roles: business development, pitching, key client management, cross-selling and external referrer programmes. The session comprised three modules (1. sales processes 2. Techniques for targeting and 3. Behaviour in sales meetings).

How Your Executive Buyers Make Purchase Decisions

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Podcast Sales Strategy buyer decision making Buyer Segmentation buying decision making executive buyers executive decision making

Don’t Let Executive Team Siloed Decision-making Stall Revenue Growth

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Consensus-building is tricky. Ask any CEO who’s trying to get agreement from a bunch of successful executives with strong opinions and healthy egos. Nonetheless, the entire team has to be heading in the same direction to grow revenue faster than your. Corporate Strategy Magazine best practices ceo strategic alignment

Selling via Email Is Lazy Selling

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We all know people make decisions based upon emotion and then attempt to rationalize their emotional decision through logical reasoning. When trying to make appointments and confirm plans. Would a webcam meeting be more effective and enable you to make more progress?

How to Clarify A Decision Making Process

Sales Gravy

The numbers driven corporate world has also had to bear the brunt of executives forging ahead bullheadedly with their convictions to the detriment of their organizational goals, ignoring the logic of well prepared advisers. The other day I was

Re-framing Procurement Negotiations: From Buying and Selling to Decision Making

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they are making a decision. If that is the case (and it is) we need to stop trying to sell them something and start helping them make higher value investment decisions. The group was testing new Weighted Attribute Decision Making software.

Encounter Planning for the Win

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Joking aside, as we get back into the swing of spending quality, face-to-face time with our clients, we have an opportunity to think about how we are going to make the most of these important client meetings. Article decision-making process sales meeting sell differently

ZoomInfo to Acquire Conversation Intelligence Leader to Enable Insight-Driven Targeting, Coaching, and Decision-Making for Go-to-Market Teams

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Combines ZoomInfo’s Business-to-Business Intelligence, Workflows, and Engagement Software with Conversation Insights from Chorus to Transform Go-to-Market Execution.

Strategic Thinking Games


The Strategic Thinking Games provide Decision Making models for senior executives to choose from and use as per the situation. The 1 st Strategy game allows the players to make 40 blind draws from a pot holding 25 black and 75 red balls.

New Year, New Energy, New Approach, and New Results!

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As Nietzsche stated, “Whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.” This should help create a sense of optimism and resolute commitment to making 2021 a breakout year. Article decision-making process personal goals sell differently2020 has been an interesting year.

At Showtime18, Eddie Obeng shows how decision-making results from emotions, not logic


Through brief interactive sessions with the audience, he showed how decision-making is not driven by logic, but instead are deeply moving emotional experiences — even though we more often than not insist the opposite. Successful selling can result from making a prospect feel valued while making the buying experience pleasurable. The post At Showtime18, Eddie Obeng shows how decision-making results from emotions, not logic appeared first on Showpad.

This Mistake Can Cost You the Deal | Sales Strategies

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I want to share with you a tale of woe. One of my customers emailed me and mentioned they just lost two of their biggest clients.

Teams Win – That’s a Fact!

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And as the salesperson / pursuit leader, it is absolutely our responsibility to know which colleagues will best align and connect with the decision makers and influencers in the client team. As we approach the end of the pursuit, we have succeeded in making it almost to the finishing line.

Making Difficult Decisions: Essential Steps for Leaders

Thoughtful Leader

Knowing how to make difficult decisions is a challenging part of leadership. When you're a leader, making difficult decisions is part of the job. Here are some examples that highlight the difficult decisions that you might need to make in your role: [.].

Flywheel Strategy


Rather than using past assumptions and relying on instincts, using the Flywheel Strategy , decision makers exploit the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Analytics. Decision-makers are also empowered by this tool to make better decisions.

How to Avoid Deal Slippage – A Closure Plan!

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We took someone’s word that they were moving ahead with us, without having much insight into the full decision-making process. If you were asked to make a recommendation today, would that recommendation be for our proposed solution?”. “I Final Decision Maker approval: December 1.

It’s All About Winning… but for Who?

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So, we need to align our proposition with a business priority of one or more senior client executives that have the power to assign budget, commit resources, and most importantly, say YES to our business proposition – the real decision makers.

Value Grid Analysis


By managing customer demand downstream, organizations control the decision makers responsible for the purchase decision. When companies are unable to control the decision makers, they look for levers across the Value Chain to influence decisions.

What’s Your Story?

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There are two questions a client decision maker is concerned about when meeting you: I wonder if they can help my business. Make a list of the outcomes your idea can impact and start estimating the amount you believe you can affect. Make the note personal – ALWAYS.

How Your Buyers Make Their Decisions – Part 5

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Buyer Types buyers make decisions decision-making criteria decision-making process Necessity v Possibility For Part One, Motivation Directions, Click Here For Part Two, Frames of Reference, Click Here For Part Three, Matching and Mismatching, Click Here For Part Four, Convincer Strategies, Click Here Our. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].