How to Succeed Through Supply Chain Challenges [PODCAST]

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Mike Montague interviews Emily Yepes on How to Succeed Through Supply Chain Challenges. The post How to Succeed Through Supply Chain Challenges [PODCAST] appeared first on Sandler Training.

How We Can Align our Corporate Strategy and Supply Chain Strategy


Most organizations struggle to find a true strategic fit between their Corporate Strategies and their Supply Chain Strategies. For most organizations, they operate within a highly complex and globally interconnected Supply Chain.


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7 golden rules of supply chain management

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Supply chain resilience has been sorely tested by Covid-19. As the repercussions from the pandemic continue to ricochet around the globe and the conflict in Ukraine combined with international sanctions on Russia compound what were already challenging conditions, supply chains are under immense pressure. supply chain management logistics article

Navigating Supply Chain Pressures with Payments Technology

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Supply chain issues aren’t going anywhere. Before the next holiday gifting season, companies can help ease supply chain pressures by re-assessing their B2B payments strategies to better handle cash flow, defend against fraud, and meet customers where they are.

How to Succeed at Supply Chain Management [PODCAST]

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Mike Montague interviews Sharina Perry, CEO and Inventor of Utopia Plastix, on How to Succeed at Supply Chain Management. . The post How to Succeed at Supply Chain Management [PODCAST] appeared first on Sandler Training.

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste – Managing Through Supply Chain Constraints

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As I write this article in August 2021, we’re seeing hordes of distributors and manufacturers struggling to keep up with supercharged demand — and it’s still unclear when supply constraints will ease. The post Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste – Managing Through Supply Chain Constraints appeared first on Sandler Training. Blog Posts Management & Leadership logistics sales strategy supply chain

How to Sell Through Supply Chain Issues, Product Shortages, and Service Delays

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There is clearly a limited supply of raw materials and finished goods around the world at the moment. The post How to Sell Through Supply Chain Issues, Product Shortages, and Service Delays appeared first on Sandler Training.

Five ways to prepare your supply chain for a post Covid-19 World now.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has put the nature of global supply chains into sharp relief: how free and open movement of goods and services is a fine principle but one that’s loaded with risk, and that risk is accentuated at every stage when there is reliance on people.

Protecting Your Customers from Supply Chain Attacks

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As companies of all kinds look to build trusted relationships with their customers, cybersecurity due diligence is rapidly taking on greater importance — and complexity.

The Supply Chain Crisis: Hear it in The Customer’s Voice

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The impact of the supply chain crisis is being measured in many ways – part shortages, the cost of shipping, the amount of containers, shortages of port workers, truck drivers and the list goes on.

Thoughts From The Top: ?Sales Management and The Supply Chain Struggle

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In this day of supply chain issues and extended delivery times, their sales teams are struggling to stay motivated. Second, open up visibility into the supply chain. Today, more and more clients are sharing a common problem.

The impact of the supply chain on the customer experience

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There are a couple of lessons that the pandemic taught us, apart from that there are different opinions about whether Bill Gates makes us all drones via the vaccines … The most important one is that there is a need to not only look at the demand sid. Blog Customer Experience

How trust is the foundation of the data driven supply chain

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In the course of the last year or three, I have written a few times about the supply chain and how it affects the customer experience, sometimes badly so. In my last article ‘the impact of the supply chain on the customer experience’, I explained some.

IOU Holiday? Loyalty Programs Can Ease Supply-Chain Blues

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What is the hottest gift on American wish lists this holiday? Fulfillment.


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The UK’s Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply is encouraging its members to conduct ethical and sustainable procurement. Sustainability Sunstainability Supply chainBy Edmund Bradford, Managing Director, Market2Win Ltd.

Six Fundamentals to Improve Your Digital Transformation and Supply Chain Experience

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Article originally published at Eglobalis Customers of different industries place a different value on the elements that generate their overall experience. A pharmacy customer may prioritize product availability, safety and compliance, whereas high-end retail shoppers prioritize quality and choice.

How Your CX Program Can Survive the Holiday Season Supply Chain Crunch

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The ripple effects of pandemic-driven supply disruptions have created a series of new challenges for U.S. retailers ahead of the holiday shopping season, a business period that accounted for $755 billion in sales in 2020.

3 Pillars of Globalization


The converse view was that in order to have locally applicable distribution systems, proactive Supply Chains , and reduced costs of emerging-market management, it was necessary to devolve the company and operation as a loose federation.

The digitization of the supply chain and it’s impact on customer experience and sustainability – Interview with Sanjay Brahmawar of Software AG

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Today’s interview is with Sanjay Brahmawar, the CEO of Software AG, a software pioneer that is helping over 10,000 organisations worldwide connect people, departments, systems and devices through integration & APIs, IoT & analytics as well as b.

Value Grid Analysis


A traditional Value Chain involves a linear sequence of activities—from conversion of raw materials into components which are assembled into products. Horizontal pathway – companies look for opportunities from similar tiers in multiple (parallel) Value Chains.

A Playbook For Sales Leaders in a Time of Uncertainty

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Sales Leader Blog in person playbook supply chain surveys virtualTime to read: 3.5 minutes. I have a hypothesis. I believe most business leaders are in a place similar to where they were when the pandemic started. .

Emerging Market Intelligence


Operations & Supply Chain Strategy, Marketing, & Sales emerging market market conditions Market Entry market intelligence Market Research Strategic Analysis strategic assetHow do we acquire quality, actionable Market Intelligence for emerging markets ?

Structured Problem Solving: Modified A3


Operations & Supply Chain Strategy, Marketing, & Sales 8 Discipline analysis 8D fishbone analysis ishikawa analysis PDCA problem solving RCA Root Cause Analysis structured problem solving Toyota Toyota A3 form

How to Reset Your Forecast Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

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With the uncertainty of CoVid-19 looming over your market and your customers’ markets, are you finding your already taxed forecasting processes are reaching their breaking point or leaving you with more questions than answers?

The Future of Sales Enablement in the Tech Sector

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Article Sales Strategy Uncategorized 2019 adrian mussanna b2b business cs customer centricity customer challenges CX framework Frank Watts general marketplace make your number Marketing product features product training reps revenue growth sales sales enablement sales operations sales strategy sales transformation sbi selling solutions services supply chain tech sector technology training value stories

2×2 Matrix for Platform Scaling Strategy


Operations & Supply Chain Strategy, Marketing, & Sales Business Transformation Capital loop Customer-centric Design Data loop Fast scaling Network loop Platform Scaling Platform Scaling Strategy Product to Platform Transformation Regulatory complexity Regulatory Risk slow scaling

Economies of Unscale


Efficient factories, distribution channels, retail outlets, supply chains, marketing expertise, and global partnerships have been painstakingly developed. Futuristic, technology-driven business models are weakening the conventional advantages of Economies of Scale.

5 Critical Success Factors for Successful Business Transformation


Business Transformations have become a necessity in the fast-changing technological and competitive business environment.

6 Strategies for Post-Merger Integration Synergies


Operations & Supply Chain Strategy, Marketing, & Sales Clean Teams competitive advantage Cost Optimization cost reduction Due Diligence mergers performance management PMI post-merger integration strategy Stretch Targets Synergy

Continuous Process Improvement and Innovation (CPI2) Framework Simplified


This is achieved by executing sustainable process improvements—both incremental and transformational—engaging diverse teams to communicate with the entire value chain, and embedding an innovation culture in the organization.

How to Motivate Your Sales Team to Prospect in a Down Economy

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There are many headwinds facing client organizations these days – including recovery from COVID , ongoing recessionary pressures, inflation, budget cuts, supply chain issues, and continued employee turnover.

Achieving Revenue Gains from Distributed Logistics

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Ever since its inception, supply chain management has largely been focused on cost and expense management, seeking methods to reduce the costs of logistics, transportation, warehousing, distribution, procurement, manufacturing, and all the other business processes that makeup supply chains.

10 Ways IoT Is Enabling a New Era of End-to-End Manufacturing Monitoring & Actionable Analytics

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Hefty interest in customization, expanding client expectations, the intricacy of the worldwide supply chain, and other numerous difficulties urge manufacturers to find reliable, new, and more creative approaches to endure in the race.

The Value of Reliability

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons, not the least of which is the value of a reliable supply chain. It’s become crystal clear that the businesses with a reliable supply chain have a distinct advantage over their competitors who don’t.

Forget Rewards: Why B2B Loyalty Marketing is Different

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Companies need reliable support systems, services and deliveries—consider the current supply-chain crisis. Business buyers are highly dependent on their suppliers, for the success of their own businesses.

Predictions for Customer Experience (CX) in 2022

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Retail has been challenged on every front over the last 12 plus months, resulting in several changes within the customer experience (CX) industry – livestream shopping, social commerce, and supply chain disruptions are just a few examples that have forced a dramatic pivot towards digital transformation.

How Service Businesses Can Meet Post-Covid Customer Expectations

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Not only has it unearthed vulnerabilities in the global supply chain — causing frustration for consumers worldwide — it has changed the way consumers think about the products and services they purchase and book.

Our Changing Retail Landscape – Actions and Options for Creating Brand Loyalty

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From evolving shopping behaviors spurred by the onset of the pandemic to supply chain issues and now soaring inflation and global strife, there’s been a great deal of change. Recently, we’ve been living through a confluence of events that have forever altered the ecommerce landscape.

Standing Out in Times of Uncertainty: A Guide for Modern Retailers

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As retailers continue to navigate COVID-19 regulations, battle supply chain demands, and attempt to remain agile in a rapidly evolving, digital-first, retail environment, finding new ways to engage consumers and drive loyalty is crucial.

The Engagement Capacity Gap: Brands Face New Forces Two Years into the Pandemic

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In addition to rebuilding their operations and developing a solid workforce, businesses must now adapt to the uncertainty of the global supply chain […]. Contact centers continue to grapple with delivering exceptional customer experiences in the wake of post-pandemic recovery.

Three Ways to Establish Good CX During Inevitable Shipping Delays

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But it wasn’t until last year when our packages stopped showing up on time that the term “supply chain” was elevated out of the logistics world and into public consciousness. We’ve learned a lot of new words and phrases over the past couple of years. Herd immunity. Omicron.

Getting Back to Selling Value | Sales Strategies

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From the pandemic, wildfires, storms, supply chain issues, lockdowns, and employee shortages, these have been some of … Read More » The post Getting Back to Selling Value | Sales Strategies first appeared on The Sales Leader. Now is the time to get back to selling value!

How Customers Buy… & Why They Don’t… With Martyn Lewis

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The global COVID pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues have dramatically changed how SAMs (Strategic Account Managers) do their jobs. The global COVID pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues have dramatically changed how SAMs (Strategic Account Managers) do their jobs. We in the SAM community and SAMA know this, as much has been discussed about how SAM’s lives have changed.