How to Negotiate With Procurement and Win

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The buyers in procurement are professionally trained to negotiate. Then download our free training guide on the Seven Rules of Sales Negotiation here: [link] The buyers in procurement are professionally trained to negotiate.

8 Key Tips for Improving Your Small Business Procurement Process

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What exactly is a procurement process? A procurement process is something a company does to acquire new stock. That’s probably the first question on your mind as you click on this article, and that’s understandable.


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What To Do If Your Company Is Asked To Participate In A Reverse Auction

Holden Advisors

Upon hearing our decision, their procurement team communicated our decision to the buying decision maker, which was perfect. In front of the procurement team and the buying decision maker, we explained the extra value we offered point by point.

Do You Need to Negotiate Differently with Procurement?

RAIN Group

If you’re like most sellers, you find yourself negotiating deals with a buyer’s procurement team at least some of the time.

Five Sales Negotiation Tactics to Use with Procurement

Sales Readiness Group

Negotiating with Procurement can be challenging. In this video, you'll learn five sales negotiation tactics you can use when negotiating with Procurement. Selling Skills

How to Partner and Build a Long-Lasting Relationship with Procurement

Sales Readiness Group

Instead of struggling to negotiate with Procurement, learn how to work with them. These questions will show you how to build a strong procurement relationship. Selling Skills Negotiating

How the Procuring Cause Works in Real Estate

Hubspot Sales

This is where procuring cause comes into the picture. Let's demystify the procuring cause and what it means for real estate professionals. Procuring Cause Definition. A real estate broker is referred to as the procuring cause of a sale if their outreach and actions resulted in the sale or lease of a property. The broker who is the procuring cause of the transaction is entitled to a commission. What is a procuring cause dispute?

Own Your Process to Stay Out of the Procurement Pit

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And that is even more true when a customer instructs you to work through their procurement process or solicits a request for proposal (RFP). Acquiescing to the customer’s strict process can prevent us from positioning ourselves as true advisers and consultants, stops us from differentiating our approach, and often ends up getting us commoditized as procurement lumps all potential suppliers together into the same box. I don’t work for procurement people.

How to pitch to procurement, with Jessica Bowler and Iris Gatzweiler

Account Manager Skills

I spoke to Jessica Bowler and Iris Gatzweiler , two senior procurement clients who shared some insights into the pitching process. Don’t forget to go back to Episode 9 , where Jessica and Iris talked about how to approach and develop relationships with procurement.

How this CEO Scaled his Family Business by using Business Mentors & Leveraging Federal Procurement w/Peter Provenzano Ep#96

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Peter Provenzano is the President & CEO of SupplyCore, a leading supply chain integrator responsible for optimizing information, material, and financial flows for the U.S. military.

Re-framing Procurement Negotiations: From Buying and Selling to Decision Making

5600 Blue

Over ten years ago, after having spent more than 20 years a salesperson, VP sales and sales consultant, we secured our first contract to provide negotiation training for the procurement arm of a major US airline. By Procurement Magazine Let the panic set in….clearly

Passing the Price Gauntlet with Strategic Accounts

Holden Advisors

When it’s time to close the deal, procurement is introduced into the process and now runs the relationship and the deal – and they only focus on the price. Will procurement even care about the time and energy you and your team have invested over the past two years?

Don’t Waste Your Time: Five Red Flags to Watch for with Unsolicited RFPs

Holden Advisors

But , if you find yourself dealing with procurement, you might want to save your energy. Suddenly, my access to the company was restricted to the procurement department. Dealing with procurement is never easy. You’re told procurement will make the final decision.

The Important Role of Pricing Departments in the Price, Cost, Revenue Equation

Holden Advisors

Works side-by-side with sales to sell value and overcome procurement. Not every company has a pricing department. Here we explain why they are incredibly important players in the price, cost, revenue equation.

3 Best Sales Podcasts for Key Account Managers

Account Manager Tips

The Art of Procurement podcast How much do you understand about the buying process, supplier management and procurement? The Art of Procurement podcast might be an unexpected entry into list of 3 best sales podcasts but If your selling to buyers, then you kind of need to think like one.

Understand the Value You Offer to Your Customer

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Let’s say procurement says, “to win this deal, you need to give me a 20% discount." You can’t have confidence in your price unless you have confidence in the value you deliver to your customer’s business.

Achieving Revenue Gains from Distributed Logistics

FinListics Solutions

Ever since its inception, supply chain management has largely been focused on cost and expense management, seeking methods to reduce the costs of logistics, transportation, warehousing, distribution, procurement, manufacturing, and all the other business processes that makeup supply chains.

How to Win Profitable Government Contracts w/Kizzy Parks, PhD (Ep#125)

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

On this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, Kizzy Parks joins us to discuss everything government procurement - how to win government contracts (even if you never have), the human component to winning contracts, and much more. Kizzy Parks, PhD is the President of K.

What is a Kanban Board and How Does it Improve Quality?


The method was so effective that Kanban Cards were adopted by manufacturing companies worldwide to help structure and control the production and procurement of parts.

Why Pricing Is So Hard and Why Most Companies Mess It Up

Holden Advisors

Just because we're told that we are a commodity (which is a procurement tactic), does not mean we are a commodity. Why is pricing so difficult? And why do so many companies get it wrong? It often comes down to organizations not being clear on pricing purpose.

[New Research] Top Performance in Sales Negotiation

RAIN Group

How is negotiating with procurement different? What are the best strategies for success in sales negotiations? What do buyers really want? Which tactics work best for buyers? For sellers?


Strategic Account Management Association

Procurement functions in different companies are looking at how to apply ESG metrics to their key suppliers. The UK’s Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply is encouraging its members to conduct ethical and sustainable procurement.

How complex is your complex sale? An analogy with Judo belts

KAM With Passion

A procurement person is chartered to buy concrete for a construction site or stainless-steel bolts and screws for a maker of industrial machines. A professional buyer manages the procurement side and, as a formal tender process will be used, is also playing the role of gatekeeper.

The Benefits of a Collaborative Culture

Peter Simoons

You might see them, from a procurement perspective, trying to get the best deal for the company rather than a great deal for both parties. When we talk about alliances, we tend to focus on the external component: collaborating with other organisations.

How to Avoid Deal Slippage – A Closure Plan!

Revenue Storm

Closure plans are absolutely critical for complex B2B deals where there are multiple authorizers, a formal sign off process, and then a commercial and legal process that takes place with procurement. Then of course, you will have the joys of legal and procurement.

5 ways to create better employee experiences in healthcare


The NHS uses Zendesk Support to streamline its procurement workflow of more than 500,000 invoices from 10,000 suppliers. The new procurement process has freed up the accounts payable team to focus on more important work and they are able to pay their suppliers more quickly.

9 Unexpected Reasons Why Key Account Management is Important

Account Manager Tips

Account growth, renewals and advocacy are difficult for indirect suppliers because procurement focus on spend management. Share. Tweet. Share. Why is key account management important? Some reasons are obvious, like growing client revenue and retention, but others will surprise you.

Core Competence Model


The foremost variable pertains to the sources integral for the creation and procurement of competencies and technologies.

How We Can Align our Corporate Strategy and Supply Chain Strategy


Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Procurement. Most organizations struggle to find a true strategic fit between their Corporate Strategies and their Supply Chain Strategies. For most organizations, they operate within a highly complex and globally interconnected Supply Chain.


Strategic Account Management Association

Procurement leaders, chief financial officers and other senior leaders can be great sponsors if the fit is right. By Dominique Côté, Founder and CEO, Cosawi Consulting.

The Linkage Between Technology & Business Outcomes

Revenue Storm

In a deal we were recently coaching for a client in the UK, the customer procurement team was pushing for a short-term enterprise agreement as an extension to address their forecasted cloud need for the next 12 months.

Five red flag moments for agency account managers, with Jenny Plant

Account Manager Skills

Now, the other thing to mention here is, if your company is an enterprise level client and it had a procurement team in 2021, the role of CPO (Chief Procurement Officer) was the fastest growing role on LinkedIn. Procurement are very much the linchpins. ?. Welcome to Episode 62.

How to (ethically) steal your prospect?s attention: 5 ultra-creative sales case studies


After identifying her ideal customer profile, which was mainly procurement managers at heavy engineering companies, Oakley and his team attended exhibitions to build a list of leads. We’re all cursed, and there’s a pile of research to prove it.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


The Sourcing and procurement module. This module helps with procuring the materials and services businesses Need to manufacture their goods, or the items they want to resell. All About Enterprise Resource planning. Why is ERP important? What are some of the common ERP modules?

How Relationship Maps Put the “R” Back Into CRM


In a webinar with Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools, and Mark Kopcha, CEO of Revegy, discussed the importance of relationship intelligence and the relationship map drive sales success. How Does CRM Tackle the Relationship and What’s Missing?

CRM 97

Collaborative Leadership?

Peter Simoons

Dealing with them was generally undertaken by the procurement department. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increasing interest in establishing alliances and partnerships among the C-Suite.

Reach Back and Ask For More

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Momentum is building; we move on to the next phase and eventually arrive at the promised land of legal and procurement. Lush green front yards and gardens have experienced great year-over-year growth over the last couple of years as people spend more time outside than ever before.

That’s a wrap: A look back at Zendesk Relate 2022


Yossi Mlynsky, founder and CEO of UpStack, a software company that aims to continually streamline and optimize the entire IT procurement experience, said they were struggling for a cohesive sales approach where everyone had clarity and visibility.

Value chain analysis how-to: Definition, examples, and guide


Procurement: all purchases related to buying raw materials or any fixed assets (for example, vendor fees and selection). Procurement: strong bargaining power with vendors, no one vendor accounts for more than 2.8 percent of purchase (procurement), which means it’s unlikely to switch.

The Most Important KPIs in Distribution and the Influence of AI


In concrete terms, this involves the digitalisation of procurement, production and distribution processes — a unique challenge for retail companies. KPIs in the Area of Procurement and Warehousing.

Congratulations Enrico Maria Dal Compare on becoming a certified Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Consultant


Scope 1, 2, 3 are what you own, what you operate, what you control and what energy is procured in order to power your operation. October 14, 2021. Congratulations Enrico Maria Dal Compare on becoming a certified Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Consultant. ? Back to blog.

Are You Living Up to the Client Promise?

Revenue Storm

If you like “the promise” of how the team would engage, how it would feel conducting business, and a way for the client to judge the team during the procurement process… imagine the long-term relationship values.

5 red flag moments when your account is at risk

Account Manager Skills

If it has one, establish a relationship with your client’s procurement/purchasing team and suggest a quarterly review so you can keep abreast of what’s happening in the company to anticipate any senior leadership moves. *This article first appeared on my Linkedin profile.