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Procurement & Sales: A Complex Relationship

Strategic Account Management Association

The relationship between procurement and sales teams has always been something of a power struggle. Here, Harvey Dunham and Christopher Jensen of the Strategic Account Management Association, give the sales slant on how procurement can genuinely become a customer of choice.

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10 Steps to Win Over Your Client’s New Procurement Team

Account Manager Tips

New procurement teams introduce big challenges and new opportunities into the customer relationship. My old contact has been replaced A new procurement team introduces fresh dynamics and relationships. The working environment will undoubtedly change from what you were used to with the previous procurement team.


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Selling to Procurement: How to Get to “Yes” Faster

Sales Readiness Group

As a sales professional, you know how important it is to work with Procurement to get a deal closed. However, navigating the procurement process can be difficult and time-consuming.

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The Ultimate Guide to Procurement in Sales

Sales Readiness Group

To sales professionals, procurement teams often seem like an insurmountable hurdle on the path to winning sales. While it’s true that procurement generally wields a tremendous amount of influence, it’s also true that it’s possible to learn how to work with them effectively.

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Problem Solved: Boost Resilience with Supplier Diversity

Speaker: Rod Robinson - SVP of the Supplier Diversity Practice, Insight Sourcing Group

Supplier diversity programs are impactful and effective tools in your business strategy because they guarantee a diverse supplier base and ensure inclusivity within your ultimate procurement plan.

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How to Negotiate With Procurement and Win

Sales Gravy

The buyers in procurement are professionally trained to negotiate. On this fascinating Sales Gravy Podcast episode, Jeb Blount who is the author of the sales negotiating book INKED and Mike Landers an ex-procurement buyer turned sales trainer teach you the secrets to playing to win, when negotiating with procurement.

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Struggling With Procurement?


Unfortunately, Procurement doesn’t! This vicious cycle is typically the result of procurement departments believing their value to their organization is to find ways to drive prices down. Here are four tips on how to effectively deal with procurement departments: 1. You know how valuable your solutions are.

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The 2023 Supply Chain Crystal Ball: Challenges and Solutions

Speaker: Olivia Montgomery, Associate Principal Supply Chain Analyst

Procurement strategies in response to network delays and bottlenecks. In this webinar, you’ll gain actionable insights from Olivia Montgomery as she walks us through Capterra’s extensive research on how businesses - notably SMBs - are addressing supply chain challenges in 2023. Forecasting techniques to manage inventory.