Why Key Account Management Matters


Your job as a key account manager (KAM) is to secure that revenue by delivering value to your customers. Strategic Account Management Account Management Key Account Management

The Fundamentals of Key Account Management


There are many activities required for successful key account management. But getting started or improving your abilities as a key account manager (KAM) is easier when you know the fundamentals.


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Differences Between Key Account Management & Customer Success


The terms key account management and customer success are often used interchangeably within organizations. Customer Success Key Account Management

How Successful Key Account Managers Continually Build Their Skills


Successful Key Account Managers (KAMs) are always learning—developing their skills and knowledge to keep driving forward. Strategic Account Management Account Management Key Account Management

How the Key Account Management Process Feeds into KAM Software


Breaking down the key account management process and how KAM software can help. Key account management is an essential function of your organization. Keep reading to learn all about the key account management process and how KAM software can help.

5 Essential Tools for Effective Key Account Management


Top-performing key account managers (KAMs) are 2.5 times more likely to have an established effective account planning process. Strategic Account Management Account Management Key Account Management

9 Advanced Concepts for Ultimate Key Account Management Success


Key account management is a journey and along the way, key account managers (KAMs) are expected to develop and grow throughout their careers continually.

9 Unexpected Reasons Why Key Account Management is Important

Account Manager Tips

Why is key account management important? Well, i f you don't have key account management in place, you could leave money on the table, be helpless to competitor threats and put your most valuable clients at risk of defection. What is key account management?

How to sell your CEO on Key Account Management


Struggling to effectively manage large accounts as an account manager is difficult without organization-wide support. You recognize that you need a structured process and tools to become a strategic partner and trusted advisor for your top accounts.

How Much Money Does a Key Account Manager Really Make?

Account Manager Tips

How much money does a key account manager make? Find out the average salaries for key account managers in Australia, India, the United Kingdom and the United States and what the job is REALLY like before you decide if it's for you. Share. Tweet. Share.

8 Key Account Management Skills in Demand Right Now

Account Manager Tips

What skills do key account managers need? Key account management is a profession in demand. Key Account Managers are in demand by companies now more than ever. Enterprise Account Executive #6. Customer Success Manager #7.

Your Guide to the Key Account Management Maturity Model


As a key account manager, evolving to provide better service is an important part of the job. However, to do so, you have to understand where you are currently, and where you need to be. With a maturity model, you can do exactly that. Maturity Model

What is Key Account Management? (It’s Not What You Think)

Account Manager Tips

Definition of key account management. If you're not sure what key account management is, don't worry, you're not alone. Before we get to that, let me explain how key account management became a business strategy. Key Account Team.

3 Best Sales Podcasts for Key Account Managers

Account Manager Tips

The best sales podcasts key account managers should listen to Are you a key account manager? Why selling is hard for key account managers Key Account Managers are busy making sure clients get the best from what they've already bought.

5 Quick Tips to be a Better Key Account Manager

Account Manager Tips

How to be a better key account manager Do you want some quick wins to improve your key account management performance? That's what key account management is about after all. If you don't do account plans, start.

Top 10 LinkedIn Hashtags Every Key Account Manager Should Follow Now

Account Manager Tips

Top 10 LinkedIn Hashtags Every Key Account Manager Should Follow Now You may not know it, but LinkedIn hashtags are an excellent tool for staying up-to-date in your industry, finding relevant and useful information, and expanding your network. Key Account Management Skills.

Why Smart Key Account Managers Build a Personal Brand

Account Manager Tips

More and more companies expect their key account managers to be thought leaders. Why key account managers need a personal brand I've been collecting job descriptions for years. Account Director, Key Strategic Accounts, Refinity.

The 3 Pillars of Key Account Management

KAM With Passion

Are you in charge of a true Key Account Management initiative? A strong KAM initiative is always built on the following 3 Pillars: KAM infrastructure , Key Account Teams and Key Account Plans. KEY ACCOUNT PLANS.

Playing Favourites. Every Key Account Manager Does & Why You Should Stop

Account Manager Tips

You spend way too much time with the clients you like at the expense of being proactive with your other accounts. And that are impossible for anyone inheriting your accounts to live up to. Favorite clients? We all have them. We'd be besties if work wasn't in the way.

Where Communication Fits Into the Key Account Management Maturity Model


The key to excellence is communication. Every member of your team benefits from strong internal communication practices , intuitive communication tools, and easier access to information. Your clients also benefit from more structured client-facing communication and fewer internal silos.

The Best Way to Gauge Key Account Manager Performance


Key Account Managers are tasked with ongoing, dynamic business and relationship management, 365 days a year. Even quarterly business reviews (QBRs), which tend to zero in on deals booked and progress-to-goal, oversimplify the state of an account.

Why Start a (True) Key Account Management Initiative?

KAM With Passion

Polarized attitudes towards Key Account Management. True Key Account Management (KAM) or Strategic Account Management (SAM) remains a topic that polarizes the thinking and behaviours of business leaders.

The Charybdis and Scylla of Key Account Management

KAM With Passion

Jumping in a time lap from antique Greece to our Internet-focused time, there are two major reasons why a Key Account Management Programme sinks in the abyss of corporate failures or disappears because it has lost its few champions. Select the Key Accounts with whom to engage.

Drawing a line between Account & Key Account Management

KAM With Passion

The terms Account Management (AM) and Key Account Management (KAM) appear in a lot of business conversations and articles. Account Management: A necessity for all organisations. AM should be treated as a key component of a company’s operating system.

Critical Behaviors your team must adopt to get the most from Key Account Management software


Key Account Management (KAM) is an essential function in your organization, especially in times of uncertainty. CRM may be useful for tracking contacts and past account history, but they are not effective for monitoring the long-term strategic elements of key account plans.

Why Forward-Thinking Chief Revenue Officers are Investing in Key Account Management Software


CSO Insights found that 70% of revenue comes from existing accounts. This enables you to leverage the positive revenue impact of increased account retention making it easier to attain greater growth targets. Invest in key account management (KAM).

Do Your Key Account Managers Really Know Their Most Important Accounts?


I have sat in and reviewed hundreds of account plans from key account managers. Even when there is a lot of money on the line, I have found that many account managers know very little about their biggest accounts.

The single most important skill in key account management

Jermaine Edwards

What if leadership was what we really needed in key account management today? It wasn’t until we moved from customer management into personal and customer leadership that things shifted significantly. 72% of the workers are not held accountable for their results.

Three Tips For Key Account Managers To Impress in Your Next One-On-One


For Account Managers, now couldn’t be a more important time to show your manager the value you bring and showcase your growth and abilities. If you want to expand your skillset this year check out our new online account management training course. Accountability.

How is Your Leadership Mindset Evolving: Using the Key Account Management Maturity Model to Find Out


Leadership is essential to any account management team — but how do you ensure it’s happening, and happening well?

What Is Key Account Management?

MTD Sales Training

This is exactly why Key Account Management is one of the most important aspects of the sales process and an integral facet of every single business. Being a successful account manager means more than knowing your customers, being proactive and quickly responding to queries.

25 Problems That Stop Key Account Managers From Doing Their Job

Account Manager Tips

25 problems that stop key account managers from doing their job Favourite books about problem solving Coming up: How to Build a Successful Executive Sponsorship Program Just for fun: #GorgeousGrandma Day In other news Quote of the week. Table of Contents.

Key Account Manager or Strategic Ecosystem Leader?


Key Account Manager or Strategic Ecosystem Leader? Key Account Manager or Strategic Ecosystem Leader? ? On September 15th, more than eighty Key Account Managers (KAM) assembled in Copenhagen and online for a hybrid event.

Key Account Management Strategies

MTD Sales Training

Key Account Managers (KAMs) are the stock-in-trade for many businesses, as they have the responsibility of bringing in much of the business that keeps our business ticking over. Here are seven key account management strategies that are covered on our account management course that will help us achieve greater sales: Relationship building. Managing Director. Key Account Management keyaccountmanagement

Key Account Management – First Principles

Deep Insight

This blog is about the fundamentals of Key Account Management (KAM) but that was not the topic I had in mind when I interviewed Joe Edwards. Before we got to that point, Joe talked about his first job as a sales manager at Hewlett-Packard (HP). Key Account Management.

The Key Account Manager’s Christmas Gift Guide

Account Manager Tips

Are you struggling for Christmas gift ideas for the key account manager in your life? If you want to show appreciation to a colleague or just treat yourself - there's something for everyone and every budget in this Christmas gift guide: key account management edition!

What is Key Account Management? [+ Checklist]

RAIN Group

But that’s all in the hands of the key account team now. The good news is that key accounts are 60% to 70% more likely to close compared to the 5% to 20% likelihood of selling to a new client. Strategic Account ManagementYour team just won a new logo!

How Key Account Management Protected Dell in the Last Recession

SBI Growth

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ” In a survey of 226 economists published by the National Association for Business Economics in August 2019, 72% of the respondents said they believe the U.S.

Four Aspects of Key Account Management

Point N Time

Your Key Account Management (KAM) shouldn’t be time-consuming or difficult. The post Four Aspects of Key Account Management appeared first on Point N Time.

What Are the 12 Tenets of Key Account Management & Why You Need to Know?

Account Manager Tips

Phil is an account management and sales professional professional with a wealth of experience and wisdom he's distilled into The Tenets of Account Management. What are the Tenets of Account Management? The Tenets of Account Management. Share.

How to Get the Most out of Your Key Account Management Software even if your CRM Data is Garbage


Don’t let it hamper the efforts of your key account managers (KAMs). These existing accounts represent 70 percent of your revenue and are historically more profitable. This increases account retention and growth. Collect, save and analyze key account information.

7 Habits Of Highly Successful Key Account Managers

MTD Sales Training

When we work with Key Account Managers (KAMs) we are often impressed by their knowledge, skillsets and attitudes that drive them to success. See if you can learn from them and create the success they enjoy: They recognise that Key Account Management is a business mindset, not a sales initiative. This involves many aspects of their job, and includes ideas like: The KAMs company seeing the account as a strategic account rather than just a customer.

7 Key Account Management Tools of the Future that are Here Now

Account Manager Tips

Are you doing key account management the hard way? Effective key account management requires you to increase profits, develop relationships, increase satisfaction, grow revenue, improve retention and reduce conflict. 6) Task Management: Todoist Pricing: Free.