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Customer Co-Creation Examples: 10 Companies Doing it Right

Braineet Co-Creation

Discover how 10 big players are leveraging the power of co-creation to market new products and create growth.

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What is Co-Creation and Why is it so Valuable?

Braineet Co-Creation

Check out what co-creation really is and how you can use it to build better products and services.


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Co-creation for Scaredy Cats

Chaordix Co-Creation

The spookiest day of the year is upon us, marking the culmination of a month or more of haunted houses, ghost stories and endless horror movie marathons.

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Turning lemons into lemonade: Five ways to reset on customer management fundamentals in a post-pandemic world

Strategic Account Management Association

By Dave Duke, Co-Founder and CCO, MetaCX, and Joel Schaafsma, Research General Manager, SAMA. Once you’ve established which customers have the highest likelihood of strategic success, you need to structure your organization around the needs of the customer and create a customer-centric organization that drives co-created innovation.

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Christmas Countdown: December 4


Providing SAMA members with exclusive access to a library of ancient account management wisdom guarded by mythical creatures Offering a cutting-edge technology solution for strategic account managers to assess and progress through SAMA’s 7-step value co-creation framework Hosting annual "Value Co-Creation Olympics" where SAM professionals compete in (..)

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The Importance of Co-Creating Value with Every Strategic Customer

Account Manager Tips

20 ways to encourage value co-creation with your customers Favourite collaboration app Listener tip In other news Quote of the week. And what if we take it one step further and ask what it means to "co-create value" with our customers? Which is why co-creation is so powerful. We hear the word "value" all the time.

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4 Ways NLP AI and Sales Methodology Will Join Forces


Co-Customer Selling: Enterprise selling has been changing. In the future customers will actively participating in the co-creation process. Few B2B enterprise teams present predefined solutions. Up until now, collaboration has come in the form of sellers helping mentors and supporters build business cases.

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