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What is Strategic Planning Facilitation? (& How it Will Help You Have a Great Strategy Meeting)

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Discover the benefits of strategic planning facilitation in our comprehensive guide. If you're seeking a facilitator with a proven process, we invite you to explore our services. Are you preparing for an upcoming strategy meeting?

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[Q&A] How do you keep facilitation and planning from becoming overwhelming?


This is by no means a comprehensive guide to approachable strategic planning facilitations! We love virtual facilitation tools like Miro Boards and polls because they can be easily hidden from screens when you need focused attention. Great question! Here are a few of the best answers from our Strategy Collaborative Q&A Session!


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The New Jobs of Sales and Marketing: facilitate the buying before the buyer

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After decades of writing books and articles explaining why we close such a small percentage of prospects and how, exactly, to facilitate the Buy Side to close much more, I’m going to say what I really think. It’s time for a rant. I’ll begin with my surprise: why do sales and marketing largely ignore the […].

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The Top Five Customer Advisory Board Facilitation Challenges – and Solutions

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During a recent Ignite webinar, our experts described techniques to effectively facilitate customer advisory board (CAB) meetings. During the webinar, CAB […]

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The Essential Guide to Selling by Telling Your Touchstone Story

Genuine connection facilitates an openness to trust, which leads to consistent sales. In our fast-paced, digital world sometimes the best way to stand out in sales is to slow down and connect. Storytelling is key to building this all-important trust.

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5 Challenges of Virtual Facilitation & How You Can Solve Them


This process leads to the need for executing effective virtual facilitation strategies for remote participants and inevitable challenges as participants and facilitators adapt to the virtual environments. The guide below is designed to help you overcome challenges that arise in virtual facilitation and elevate your capabilities.

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Facilitative Consulting Explained


How I Became a Facilitative Consultant. Facilitative Consulting in Action. At Excelerate, we practice what we call “facilitative consulting”. Facilitative” means that we work closely with our clients, partnering with them to solve problems, define new processes, embrace new technologies.