Strategic Planning Facilitation for Nonprofits

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Strategic planning nonprofit facilitationAfter a turbulent 2020, filled with extensive change, strategic planning is more important than ever - especially for non-profit and mission-based organizations.

Comprehensive Guide for Facilitator Training


This facilitator guide is for training yourself to lead a group through a learning session, even if you’re not an expert on the subject or an experienced teacher. Part 1: What a Facilitator Is. Part 2: Big Ideas of Facilitation. Part 3: Techniques of Facilitation.


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Facilitative Consulting Explained


How I Became a Facilitative Consultant. Facilitative Consulting in Action. At Excelerate, we practice what we call “facilitative consulting”. We take our facilitative role seriously and don’t engage in politicking or game-playing.

Why Use A Strategic Planning Facilitator?

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

If you are, there are a lot of reasons why you may need to use a Strategic Planning Facilitator for your next strategy meeting. facilitationAre you a VP, CEO, or leader planning a strategy session for your organization?

The Essential Guide to Selling by Telling Your Touchstone Story

Storytelling is the key to connection. Connection leads to trust and trust leads to sales. Learn how to develop your personal Touchstone Story to turn your selling into the kind of telling (and listening) that closes deals.

The New Jobs of Sales and Marketing: facilitate the buying before the buyer

Customer Think

After decades of writing books and articles explaining why we close such a small percentage of prospects and how, exactly, to facilitate the Buy Side to close much more, I’m going to say what I really think. It’s time for a rant.

Four Factors to Facilitate Foreign Financial Fruition

SBI Growth

To expand or not to expand – that is the question. Scaling your business beyond the borders of your existing territory is a prospect that is at once full of potential, and full of danger. Many companies’ fortunes have been won. Article Go-To-Market Strategy Uncategorized

Stop Trying to Persuade; Facilitate Congruent Decision Making Instead

Customer Think

I recently heard a project manager in a software services company mention a ‘very important’ book on persuasion that she passed on to her team. I was curious why she liked it. S: It’s vital we persuade our clients.

How to Host and Facilitate Remote Diversity Training


As we march into 2021, diversity, equity, and inclusion have been at the forefront of our daily dialogue.

How to Host and Facilitate Remote Diversity Training


If you determine an ideal group size, you can start with a larger group presentation, and then break into smaller breakout rooms to facilitate conversation. Providing your team with pre-workshop readings, courses, and surveys gives your team the vocabulary and background information that can help facilitate discussion. As we march into 2021, diversity, equity, and inclusion have been at the forefront of our daily dialogue.

How to Design Conversations that Matter w/Daniel Stillman Ep#121

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Daniel Stillman is an Executive Coach, Conversation Designer and Lead Facilitator at The Conversation Company. podcast meetings facilitation ConversationDaniel created the company to help organizations transform and have the vital conversations.

How to Improve Your Marketing Campaign Execution

SBI Growth

How Buyers Make Decisions

MTD Sales Training

Buyer Types buyer facilitation process buyer''s mindset buyers make decisions Imagine you are in a restaurant, cafe or canteen, looking at the menu. You’re pretty hungry, but not overly so. You need to quench your thirst and fill your stomach, as you inspect what’s. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

25 E-commerce Best Practices to Take Your Online Store to the Next Level

Groove HQ

If you run an e-commerce business, focus on these best practices to facilitate growth. The post 25 E-commerce Best Practices to Take Your Online Store to the Next Level appeared first on Groove Blog. Customer Support

Best Practices for Strategy Implementation in 2022

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

We facilitate strategic planning sessions and help teams implement their strategic plans. Anthony Taylor here, I'm the Managing Partner at SME Strategy. And today, I wanted to make a short video about best practices for implementing your strategy in 2022.

A Cut Above the Rest: Extraordinary Businesses Begin with Extraordinary Leadership


We believe three practices of extraordinary leaders are that they: Share the vision Lead by example Facilitate opportunities for growth Share The Vision Always think of […]. What is extraordinary leadership?

5 Team Building Best Practices

Customer Think

So, whether you’re someone who’s responsible for facilitating up with team-building activities, or you’re a team leader or manager looking for ways to add some fun for your teams, […].

The X Factor: 5 Key Qualities to Look for in Sales Trainers

Sales Readiness Group

In reflecting on these posts, I quickly realized that that not all criteria carry an equal weight, and that the “X Factor” that makes for an outstanding training program is the facilitator.

What Should Coaches Be Listening For?

Customer Think

A client seeks a coach when they seek change, often after trying to make the change themselves, and the coach’s job is to facilitate […]. I’ve trained many coaches, all of them passionate about serving their clients, about helping them be their best selves.

Create Urgency and Action in High Velocity Sales Using Decision Science

Corporate Visions

High-velocity sales conversations require a distinct set of persuasive selling techniques that facilitate faster, more favorable buying decisions. Here are four scientifically tested tips to disrupt your prospect’s Status Quo Bias and predispose them to choose your solution.

Account-based marketing for strategic account management

The SAMA Podcast

Jerry, Kate and Dominique are the creators and facilitators for a new training course being offered through SAMA Academy, "Account-based Marketing: Customer-led, team-enabled."

The Sandler Summit is Back, Bigger and Better than Ever!

Sandler Training

The event features innovative keynote sessions facilitated by industry-leading experts and top… The post The Sandler Summit is Back, Bigger and Better than Ever!

Why Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

We facilitate strategic planning sessions and help leadership teams implement their strategic plans. Hey there, my name is Anthony Taylor, I'm the Managing Partner at SME Strategy.

A Cut Above the Rest: Extraordinary Businesses Begin with Extraordinary Leadership


We believe three practices of extraordinary leaders are that they: Share the vision Lead by example Facilitate opportunities for growth Share The Vision Always think of […]. What is extraordinary leadership?

Building Resilient Organizations: The Pivotal Role of Learning & Development

Vantage Partners

L&D executives discussed how—and shared with peers their recent experiences during pandemic—at the most recent Learning Lab on June 22 facilitated by Vantage Partners and hosted by Danny Ertel, a founding partner at Vantage Partners.

Don’t Put Your Customer Hat On!

Customer Think

Put your customer hat on” is a favorite line of process improvement consultants and workshop facilitators. Have you ever been instructed to “put your customer hat on?” That may be bad advice.

A Playbook For Sales Leaders in a Time of Uncertainty

Brooks Group

We also had a bunch of world-class training facilitators whose in-person training had all been canceled, so we decided to put them to work facilitating short forums. Time to read: 3.5 minutes. I have a hypothesis.

Leadership Insights to Share With Your Front-line Managers

Force Management

Our own Paddy Mac (In official terms, Force Management’s Senior Director of Consulting and Facilitation Patrick McLoughlin) is loud and proud when it comes to enabling managers. Your front-line managers can be one of the most valuable assets for any sales organization.

How To Plan Effective Global Sales Training

Brooks Group

For training that is done in-person, each region should have a lead facilitator who is responsible for bringing everyone up to speed. Insight the steering committee learned about various regions should be shared with lead facilitators so they can be more effective during training.

7 Unexplored Merits of Investing in Employee Experiences

The Center for Sales Strategy

Is facilitation of positive employee experiences a part of your core business strategy? Great business leaders have a knack for leveraging all plausible merits of different business tactics.

When to Host A Strategic Planning Offsite Retreat


Should We Hire a Strategic Planning Facilitator? Our guidance on hiring a planning facilitator comes with two recommendations. The first is that whoever is facilitating the sessions cannot also participate in the conversation or contribute to the strategy.

Lessons I've Learned from 10 Years of Strategic Planning - Special 75th Episode with Anthony Taylor

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Instead, our Managing Partner and lead facilitator Anthony Taylor will share some of his most important lessons from his past ten years of experience, as well as a glimpse into the future for both himself and SME Strategy.

How to Become a Better CEO: Interview with Perry Maughmer

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Perry is a facilitator for Vistage International and the Principal of Maughmer & Co, where he specializes in working with people.

How Do You Improve Sales Performance?

The Center for Sales Strategy

This will facilitate the productive use of your sales managers' time and a motivated sales force that helps improve your company's bottom line. It's obvious why sales performance is a crucial part of any organization. Good sales performance leads to increased sales and greater profits.

Introducing the Miller Heiman Group Icons

Miller Heiman Group

Miller Heiman Group is thrilled to announce its inaugural class of the MHG Icons, bringing together outstanding client facilitators as trusted ambassadors and advocates of our sales and service methodology and skills programs. Our client facilitator community extends across the globe, throughout industries, and in companies of every size, and it is from this amazing group that we chose our Icons.

Creating Sales Training That Sticks

Brooks Group

Whether it’s one-on-one training with a facilitator, role playing in small groups, or breakout sessions— there is always an individualized component to sales training that sticks. Our programs are designed to allow our facilitators to pivot as needed, ensuring pain points are discussed.

No-code CRM integrations? Explore Insightly AppConnect


While an enterprise can absorb six-figure consultant fees and extra hires to facilitate integrations, the average mid-sized business doesn’t have that luxury. . Integrating applications is not new; companies have long been integrating their tech stack using tools like AWS Lambda and Zapier.

CRM 84

Stakeholders and Key Players: How Do They Think?


When you are solving a business problem for a customer you are in fact facilitating or creating change and, for your customer, that entails new actions, objectives and processes for a group or team of people.

Critical Behaviors your team must adopt to get the most from Key Account Management software


Kapta includes many features that KAMs use daily including Account Planning tools to facilitate the process, Voice of Customer, and SWOT tools, plus dashboards for easy access to essential information at a glance.

Virtual and In-Person Training Are Different in These 6 Ways

RAIN Group

and you’re likely to get answers like this: Facilitators need to engage participants. Ask the question, “What needs to happen at your company for successful virtual training now that sellers are working remote?”

5 Ways Automation Enables Deeper Relationships Between Prospects and Salespeople

The Center for Sales Strategy

Although it may sound counterintuitive, many of the processes facilitated by sales automation software actually make it easier for sales reps to dedicate additional resources to enhancing client relationships. For most sales reps, the benefits of employing automation tools are manifest.

Lessons from a Winning Global Account Management (GAM) Program

Strategic Account Management Association

We conducted client interviews and facilitated group discussions through our customer advisory board. By Danielle Matteson, Vice President, Strategic Accounts Program, AVI-SPL. AVI-SPL is a digital enablement solutions provider that serves 86 percent of the Fortune 100.

Sales Funnel vs. Decision Journey

Engage Selling

Stop selling and start facilitating a buying decision! Stop selling and start facilitating a buying decision! In today’s podcast I discuss why a traditional sales processes will only inhibit your ability to sell while understanding the importance of each buyer’s unique way of buying will accelerate your sales.