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Lessons from a Winning Global Account Management (GAM) Program

Strategic Account Management Association

Since the launch of our GAM program, the designated global accounts have expressed their recognition of improved strategic alignment and material change in their relationships and confidence in AVI-SPL as a trusted provider invested in their success. Reaching New Clients by Scaling the Existing GAM Program. Three Key Learnings.

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Top 6 Global Account Management Challenges You Need to Conquer

Account Manager Tips

Discover the key challenges faced by global account managers and learn how to navigate the complexities of managing multinational client relationships.


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The Ultimate Guide to Global Account Management: Framework, Strategies, and Best Practices


Among the challenges was gaining visibility into various aspects of their strategic accounts, leveraging best practices from different teams, and institutionalizing processes and systems to ensure smooth operations across their international offices. This is where Global Account Management (GAM) comes into play.

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Learn from the best: The 2020 SAMA Excellence Awards winners

Strategic Account Management Association

Category 2: “Institutionalization of digitalization to create meaningful customer impact” Winner: Interview with Danielle Matteson, Director of Global Accounts, AVI-SPL, and Joe Laezza, SVP of Global Accounts, AVI-SPL.

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Growing And Managing Global Customers With Noel Capon

The SAMA Podcast

To address this challenge, organizations must design an organizational structure that interfaces more effectively with their global accounts, including providing support to global account managers (GAMs). In our latest episode, host Harvey Dunham discusses Global Account Management with Noel Capon, the R.C.

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How to Launch a Global Account Management Program Without Getting Your Pockets Picked

SBI Growth

It is the start of 2020, a new year for your organization. You are just getting back from vacation, coming into a flurry of activity. Last year probably had some ups and downs, but you are ready for a new.

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Is your KAM Training approach strong enough?

KAM With Passion

KAM skills development is not only for Key Account Managers. I remember a very successful global medium-size industrial company who has appointed a few Global Account Managers chartered to manage the most strategic customers.