Sat.Feb 24, 2024 - Fri.Mar 01, 2024

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Strategic Account Management as a Business Initiative With Geoff Williams

The SAMA Podcast

Geoff Williams, longtime SAMA Board Member and Corporate Member, boasts a distinguished career in international sales and global strategic account management. Having shaped successful programs at Schneider Electric and Danfoss, Geoff’s new role as SAMA's interim CEO brings a clear and precise vision for the future of strategic account management. In this episode, Williams’ wealth of experience and wisdom shines bright as he unravels the intricacies of SAM's role as a true business initiative, pr

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Leading & Sustaining a Hyper-Growth Company

Sales Gravy

On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Jeb Blount sits down with KaTom CEO Patricia Bible to discuss what it takes to lead and sustain a hyper-growth company. Reflecting on her journey with KaTom, Patricia shared insights into the exponential growth of this hyper-growth organization. "It's been a whirlwind of achievements, challenges, and invaluable lessons," she remarked.


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Social Selling: Launch Your Product to A Crowd of 32 Million on TikTok

Hubspot Sales

Candeeze is a small husband-and-wife D2C brand that sells freeze-dried candy online. They ran a unique launch strategy on TikTok, and their most-viewed video got: 32m+ views 3.5m+ likes 54.8k+ shares 15.7k+ comments It also gained them 280k followers in seven days. There are many reasons why their launch was so successful and gained the attention of millions.

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Rise of Generative AI: Friend or Foe for Customer Experience?

Customer Think

Generative AI is shaking up the technological world with its sophisticated ability to analyze data and generate new, never-before-seen content. Whether it’s crafting realistic images, writing compelling articles, or composing music, this form of artificial intelligence shows the potential to revolutionize multiple industries, including customer service.

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2024, The Year of the Customer

2023's struggles fueled a shift: companies are ditching wasteful strategies in favor of data and AI-powered growth. Enter 2024, the year GTC takes center stage. Discover 5 ways a customer-centric approach unlocks new revenue and delivers lasting success.

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KPI Management: Strategic Planning KPIs


Strategic Planning is the quintessential Strategy function that involves setting objectives, analyzing competitive environments, assessing internal capabilities, and devising actionable strategies. The role of Strategic Planning is pivotal across industries, serving as a guiding beacon for decision-making and resource allocation. By integrating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into the Strategic Planning process , organizations can ensure their strategies are data-driven, focused, and aligned

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Regeneration: A New Era of Business Strategy

Customer Think

Source: Unsplash In today’s interconnected world, the role of brands has transcended mere existence. Gone are the days when consumers viewed brands solely through the lens of product quality and affordability. Now, they seek deeper connections, valuing brands that demonstrate a genuine commitment to social and environmental responsibility.