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Strategic Thinking Games


Organizational leadership can draw on 3 Strategic Thinking Games to master Business Strategy and apply in varied scenarios and organizational structures. The Strategic Thinking Games provide Decision Making models for senior executives to choose from and use as per the situation. Organization Learning.

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4 Ways to Sharpen Your Strategic-Thinking Skills


In a recent survey, 97% of 10,000 senior leaders surveyed said that being strategic was the leadership behavior most important to their organization’s success—but another study indicated that fully 96% of leaders say they lack the time for strategic thinking.*. Manage your Time and Mind. Harvard Business Review. Dorie Clark.


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Strategic Thinking


Strategic thinking is at the heart of the “Surviving to Thriving” (Soliday & Mann, 2014) chapter on Planning and Innovation. John Bryson (2011), foremost expert on strategic planning for nonprofits, writes, “What matters most is strategic thinking, acting, and learning in a deliberative context.

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Be more strategic: Top-down or bottom-up, marketing and sales integration and property marketing

Red Star Kim

In early December we welcomed 15 delegates to a PM Forum “Be more strategic” workshop. The workshop covered strategic thinking, business strategy and marketing and business development (MBD) strategy. The delegate aims, views and key takeaways are shown below. We looked at case studies from professional services firms.

Marketing 130
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The Essential Recipe for Implementing User Research in Your Organization

Customer Think

It’s a show that beautifully captures the journey of home chefs from starting small to going big, from being a cynic to being hopeful and having trust in one’s abilities, and ends with a great display of strategic thinking and grit. […]

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Be more strategic – A metaphor: Analyse, join and align the dots

Red Star Kim

Find time to conduct analysis and think Block regular time (e.g.

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Two Unexpected Traits of Leaders Whose Teams Experience Success

The Center for Sales Strategy

They give some insight into those characteristics that define effective leaders —strategic thinking, strong focus, a sense of mission, passion for customers, innovation, hard work—the list goes on. There are myriad ideas and theories out there about what makes a great leader, and many are useful.