4 Ways to Sharpen Your Strategic-Thinking Skills


In a recent survey, 97% of 10,000 senior leaders surveyed said that being strategic was the leadership behavior most important to their organization’s success—but another study indicated that fully 96% of leaders say they lack the time for strategic thinking.*.


Strategic Account Management Association

the committee responsible for overseeing purchasing decisions), I met thousands of salespeople and strategic account managers through the years, and I would say that no more than 3 percent or so had bothered going through my company’s 10-K. Item: Operational and strategic risk factors.


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The Need For Strategic Perspective


Now, more than ever, leaders and individual contributors alike must be able to look beyond short-term needs, gain a strategic perspective, and act on that perspective. What is Strategic Thinking? What is Strategic Leadership. A Strategic Mindset.

Strategy Quotes Part 4


This section will cover inspirational quotes about strategic management. ctt title=”“If you think you are leading and turn around to see no one following, then you are just taking a walk.” – Benjamin Hooks” tweet=”“If you think you are leading and turn around to see no one following, then you are just taking a walk.” – Benjamin Hooks” coverup=”L9du8″]. Strategic Priorities Strategic Success Strategic Thinking Strategy

Five Ways Collaborative Leaders Can Help Their Teams Succeed

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In today’s current market conditions, leaders need to accept that the success of their teams and their companies will rely heavily on striking a collaborative, coordinated balance between creative strategic thinking and effective implementation.

Seeing Success Through the Eyes of Customers


This alignment involves strategic thinking, quantitative analysis, and a line of sight in improving the customer’s bottom line. Vincent Manlapaz, in an interview with Jon Triggs talks about how CS has grown in alignment with sales, product, marketing, and engineering teams.

Are You on the Leading Edge of Sales Operations?

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It requires a blend of strategic thinking, process improvement, data analytics and sales acumen. Leading Sales Operations is an extremely challenging role. Consider the rapid evolution of Sales Operations, barely a recognized discipline 25 years ago. What was cutting edge five. Article Sales Strategy head of sales operations sales operations sales operations strategy sales ops

Why Your MarTech Stack is not Delivering the Expected ROI, and What to Do About It.

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The root causes are typically errors in strategic thinking, flawed execution, or both. Too often, CMOs invest in MarTech without clarity on the problems they are trying to solve. Unfortunately, few leaders will take the time to understand why your. Article Corporate Strategy Market Research Marketing Strategy how to make your number How to Make Your Number 2018 make your number Marketing marketing roi Martech problem solving ROI Sid Nakappan technology

4 Essential Change-Management Leadership Skills


2. Innovative Thinking. Developing innovative thinking takes time and is not something that is easily acquired. Innovative thinking does not simply require innovation of the leader—it also requires leaders to support innovation in their team members. 3. Strategic Thinking.

How to Make Your Sales Business Successful

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If you are a mid-size to small business owner or even a sales professional, now is the time to strategically think about today’s results and tomorrow’s goals. Be forthright about your thinking process especially if your results have remained the same

The 5 Most-Needed Qualities for Leadership in Healthcare


In an industry where life-or-death situations are constant, it can be difficult to think amid all the stress. In addition to patient care, healthcare leaders have bottom-line finances to think about. Work with them to strategize ways to overcome obstacles. Strategic Thinking.

Co-Selling Champion: How To Become A Partner Manager

CoSell Blog

These include the ability to think strategically, innovate on value, make connections, and take collaboration further. Think Strategically Strategic thinking is a skill. How can you get better at strategic thinking?

What is a Partner Manager?

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The top skills fall into 3 categories: • Strategic thinking • Creative collaborating • Iterative innovating Just looking at those skills, one thing stands out. You’ll do this by cultivating skills of big picture thinking, connecting with people, and actively solving problems.

Join the 2020 Sales Performance Study

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Simply answering the questions can spur strategic thinking on your organization’s sales performance. Sales organizations always look to gain a competitive advantage.

Linking Budget to Strategy Virtual Event Recap

ClearPoint Strategy

We sat down with Shawna Davis from the City of Olathe, KS, Stephanie Olson from the City of Raleigh, NC, and Lawrence Pollack from the City of Fort Collins, CO to discuss their process for linking their budget and their strategic plan. Does it play into how you think about their budgeting? .

Participate in the 2020 Sales Performance Study

Miller Heiman Group

Simply answering the questions can spur strategic thinking on your organization’s sales performance. Sales organizations always look to gain a competitive advantage.

5 Challenges Entrepreneurs Will Face in 2021, According to Data

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It takes a lot of guts, persistence, business acumen, and strategic thinking — and even having all those qualities in spades might not be enough for a business owner to stay afloat.

This Is Why You Should Do Annual Strategic Planning


Annual Strategic Planning. Strategic Planning should not be a one-and-done business process. As a rule, your organization should conduct annual strategic planning even though it’s time horizon is typically multiple years. Isn’t a strategic plan valid for more than one year?

Using ClearPoint For Project Management: A Case Study

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One ClearPoint customer, an electric cooperative, had wanted to develop its strategic planning process and hone its metric and project management tracking processes for years. The strategic planning team was tasked with solving this challenge, and that’s when they found ClearPoint.

Mindfulness In Sales Conversations

Liston Witherill

Now think about it in the context of sales conversations. This is especially important when you're in conversation with a prospect, which requires attention, strategic thinking, and quick reaction times to make the most of your meetings.

CRM 52

What Is an Account Executive (And Do You Need One)?

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Part of an account executive’s strategic thinking should be, “ If a competitor wanted to poach this account, what would their shortest path to success look like? ”. They’re a lot of work, but this type of strategic thinking is how great AEs grow accounts and stay one step ahead of the competition. For example, “ How would you grade our ability to provide strategic suggestions that contribute toward ongoing growth? What is an Account Executive?

Theory of Constraints: What's Hindering Growth In Your Agency

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I was doing production, only serving to sabotage our capacity because it took me away from my strengths – strategic thinking, creativity, sales, marketing – and put me in a role I underperformed in. Why you should think of your agency as a system.

Business Model vs. Strategy: What’s the Difference?


Use these ideas to think about how you can approach your own role in the business more strategically. Think of strategy as the plan you make before you go on a drive. Strategic thinking includes choosing between different business models and sometimes switching to a new model to achieve the mission and goals of the strategy, just like a driver might change to snow tires in a storm or even buy a new car when an old one no longer serves the driver’s needs.

Using ClearPoint For Project Management: A Case Study

ClearPoint Strategy

One ClearPoint customer, an electric cooperative, had wanted to develop its strategic planning process and hone its metric and project management tracking processes for years. The strategic planning team was tasked with solving this challenge, and that’s when they found ClearPoint.

Implement & Manage Plan Performance


Download the Complete Guide to Strategic Planning today. Executing your strategic plan is as important, or even more important, than your strategy. Critical actions move a strategic plan from a document that sits on the shelf to actions that drive organizational growth.

How To Go From Salesperson To Sales Consultant

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Strategic Thinking. The ability to think strategically through the mass of information available today to achieve results is key to differentiating yourself and creating opportunities for growth. You will be aware of the changing nature of sales, driven by the ever-evolving requirements of businesses and their decision-makers.

What to Look for When Hiring a CSM?


Strategic Thinking. People who excel in strategic thinking will sense and identify when there are changes occurring. Customer success is essential when it comes to raising your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and reducing churn.

Sales enablement made simple: A start-to-finish guide


He also advocates for enhancing certain key skills—such as “empathy, critical thinking, strategic thinking, self-motivation”—to improve selling opportunities. You’re a B2B sales agent trying to convince a prospect to make a purchase.

Why every agency account manager needs to be good at brief writing, with Ceylan Boyce

Account Manager Skills

?. This week I invited my good friend, Ceylan Boyce to talk to us about strategic thinking and getting brief writing right. Then I opened my own strategic consultancy in 2012, and worked for major healthcare companies, and health or wellbeing related companies.

Good experience design builds brand and retains customers


“Intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400%.” Strategically structuring relevant content to provide information they need, in a way that is intuitive and engaging, is a proven path to successful engagement.

Theory of Constraints: What's Hindering Your Agency's Growth?

Liston Witherill

I was doing production only serving to sabotage our capacity, because it took me away from my strengths, strategic thinking, creativity, sales, marketing, and put me in a role I underperformed in. Now I focus on high end strategic engagements, making courses and content and running growth a gold front. What it is why you should think of your agency as a system, identifying strengths and weaknesses within the system, and steps to start improving your own constraints today.

How to identify which of your sales reps would be effective managers


Before starting the hunt for a team leader, check your thinking on these common myths: Myth: Great reps make effective managers. Effective managers tend to be: Critical thinkers Strategic Altruistic Optimistic. What do you think are the most effective coaching techniques?

The Enterprise Sales Process I’ve Used to Close $100,000,000+


Figure out who you think will be involved in the buying process, who your buyer will be, who your influencer will be, etc. This takes a ton of preparation, creativity, and high-level strategic thinking to pull off. As a startup at the expansion stage , there’s no doubt in my mind that you will look towards the enterprise market if you haven’t already. And for good reason… there is big business to be done there!

Best Customer Success Certifications 2021: The Ultimate List


CCSM Level 3 focuses on developing skills that one needs to become a strategic customer success manager. Customer Success Master class Level 1 is one that covers the fundamentals like strategic thinking, customer engagement and more.

7 Habits Of Highly Successful Key Account Managers

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This involves many aspects of their job, and includes ideas like: The KAMs company seeing the account as a strategic account rather than just a customer. They build their strategic thinking skills. Many KAMs get sucked into thinking operationally. Creating the habit of thinking strategically means they concentrate on how the consistent contacts can serve their clients mush more successfully.

How does Customer Success / Client Success work within the Enterprise?


The starting point of any given customer success company should delve into a couple of terms like product knowledge, Task orientation, Strategic thinking, Domain Knowledge, etc.

5 Ways to Uncover Hidden Revenue in Strategic Accounts

Smart Selling Tools

5 Ways to Uncover Strategic Account Revenue. Now, with the economic uncertainties of 2020, sales teams of all sizes are desperate for a more strategic approach to building dependable and ongoing opportunities to optimize customer revenue in their most strategic accounts.

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Account Manager Salary


Don’t make them think that you are a tough negotiator. You will give them your time – so carefully think about it. Business development and strategic thinking are both important to how you, as an account manager, nurture the relationship between your company and the account’s business.

The Value of Taking a Sabbatical

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I can take a half day to do some strategic thinking and planning without getting distracted. Good organizational principles make it so that your diverse team is guided towards a consistent way of thinking without being stripped of their decision-making authority. However, I think the benefits far outweigh the downsides. In February I took a month off from work — completely off grid. I asked my teammates to remove my access to Slack and I stopped checking my email.

How to lead the account management team as Client Services Director, with Paul Kirkley

Account Manager Skills

And he has such a huge amount of experience in agency life, that I think this interview is going to be fantastically rich and full of insight and tips. I think it was the biggest account management team in London, possibly in the country. I think you have to be quite organised.

3 Steps to Produce Content to Feed Lead Generation

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Similar to expecting strategic thinking capabilities across your team (vs. outsourcing strategic planning), writing is an essential foundation to success. Marketing leaders value staff that could think strategically and orchestrate activities across resources to execute programs. Last week at Content Marketing World, the Chief Marketing Officer of IBM was asked; What’s the top skill that marketing organizations need to master to be successful?

27 Top Books for CEOs and Entrepreneurs

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This book isn’t just about running a company -- it’s full of advice on thinking bigger and understanding what motivates the people we work with every day. Think your problems are hard? Review : “This book should be required reading for anyone who aspires to change paradigms and push themselves beyond what they think is possible. My only add is if you need to understand strategic thinking processes of large corporations -- and CEOs in particular -- this is an excellent book.”.

Cold email copy that converts


Whether you’re a sales rep following up on cold leads, a freelancer trying to connect with new clients or a sales manager thinking holistically about your lead generation approach: creating cold emails that convert is essential. In this post, you’ll learn how to take a simple, strategic, and repeatable approach to writing cold email copy that converts. Personal websites are often a treasure trove of insights into how your contact thinks about their industry.