October, 2021

Break & Glue: The art of capturing complex mega-strategic accounts in CRM to get the most from account planning tools 

Strategic Account Management Association

By Saleh Al-Ben Saleh, Strategic Account Manager, Emerson.

Underutilized Account Management Tools and Techniques


Splitting your organization's accounts into general accounts, key accounts, and strategic accounts sets the foundation for your teams' entire strategy.


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Why is Consultative Selling Better?

Software Sales Guru

Why is Consultative Selling Better?

Top 5 New Trends in Sales You Have to Consider for Your Business

The Center for Sales Strategy

Successful sales is a difficult multi-level process that requires a lot of effort, knowledge, and attention. Sometimes methods and approaches that showed good results in the past don’t work anymore.

Sales 93

Essential Guide to Sales Engagement – Overcome the Challenges of Remote Selling

Sales Engagement leverages process, tools, and training to align your efforts to your buyer’s journey and exceed their expectations. See how to equip sellers to effectively prospect, create meaningful connections and manage a sales cycle from beginning to closed-won! Download the guide today!

How to Succeed at Selling in a Hybrid World with Dan Tyre [PODCAST]

Sandler Training

Mike Montague interviews Dan Tyre, Inbound Fellow at Hubspot, on How to Succeed at Selling in a Hybrid World. The post How to Succeed at Selling in a Hybrid World with Dan Tyre [PODCAST] appeared first on Sandler Training.

Sales 90

You Won’t Always Win


A most painful reality on the path to entrepreneurial success and how to manage it. My son is a big basketball fan. He’s one of those people who could give you an analysis of all the top players in the NBA on every team and cross reference it with former top players.

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4 Steps to Creating a Successful KAM Program


Key account management , or KAM, is one of the most valuable developments in account management to have emerged in the last 20 years. It is a process in which to build and maintain relationships with your most critical accounts.

Working toward equality for mental health in an unequal world


As a company that builds software to help improve customer relationships, Zendesk has always considered human connection to be crucial to well-being.

Weekly Roundup: How to Coach Your Team, Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance + More

The Center for Sales Strategy

- MOTIVATION -. "A A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them.". Arnold. AROUND THE WEB -. > > How to Coach Your Team: Your Template for More Effective Coaching 1:1s – Sales Hacker.

Lessons Learned After 80 Weeks of Virtual Selling

Revenue Storm

80 weeks! We are approaching 80 weeks of managing complex sales cycles virtually. When it comes to complex sales, we have learned several critical lessons about how to connect and gain a relationship advantage.

The Definitive Guide to Remote Sales Coaching

Have you struggled to onboard, train, and provide continuous learning opportunities to your salespeople due to the abrupt shift to remote work? If so, you’re not alone. Sellers are relying on virtual selling more than ever. With in-person sessions no longer feasible, many organizations are looking for alternative methods to support their salespeople.

Understand the Value You Offer to Your Customer

Holden Advisors

You can’t have confidence in your price unless you have confidence in the value you deliver to your customer’s business. Your products and services provide financial value to your customers by increasing their revenue, reducing their costs, or helping them to mitigate risks. It’s really that simple.

SME Strategy Partners w/CIMA, on a mission to insulate homes around the world with environmentally-friendly cellulose

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

CIMA is a group of Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers that has been around for 30 years. They represent the cellulose manufacturing industry, as well as the owner/operators and entrepreneurs who are building the products*. Strategic planning strategy case studies strategic priorities client story

11 Steps to an Effective Gemba Walk


Gemba walks are an increasingly popular management technique. By visiting the place where work is done, leaders gain valuable insight into the flow of value through the organization and often uncover opportunities for improvement and learn new ways to support employees.

CrankWheel Wins a 2021 Top Performer Award in Screen Sharing From SourceForge

Crank Wheel

CrankWheel has been recognized as a Top Performer by SourceForge, the world’s largest software reviews and comparison website

The Ultimate Sales Coaching Guide

Sales coaching is a training format that allows the leaders in your organization to share their valuable experience with the rest of your sales teams. It’s an interactive approach to sales training where sellers get to practice what they’re taught and use information in real-life scenarios.

Weekly Roundup: Secrets to Survival, Sales Analytics + More

The Center for Sales Strategy

- MOTIVATION -. Earn your leadership every day.". Michael Jordan. AROUND THE WEB -. > > 4 Secrets of Survival You Should Learn from ESOPs – The Great Game of Business. Research shows that companies who share ownership widely with employees survive recessions better than ones that do not.

Google Business Messages: 3 best practices for customer service teams


Messaging has surged in popularity and become a go-to channel for many consumers since the COVID-19 pandemic. It looks like the trend is here to stay— 74 percent of customers who messaged with companies in 2020 plan to continue doing so.

What to Do When Prospects Hang Up on Cold Calls | #AskJEB

Sales Gravy

On this #AskJeb, Jeb Blount takes a question from Becca who wants to know what to do when prospects hang up on cold calls. Getting hung up on can be disconcerting, discouraging, and often feel like rejection. But, they don't have to be.

Leveraging Conversation Intelligence to Improve Sales Coaching

Sales Readiness Group

In our research report 5 Hallmarks of High-Impact Sales Organizations , we identified sales coaching as the top sales management action to improve sales team performance. One of the key benefits of sales coaching is that it helps managers transition from chief problem solvers to sales team enablers.

Core Principles of Great Sales Enablement are the Same: It's The Tactics That Have Changed

If your role includes supporting sellers, then this in-depth sales guide is for you! Discover valuable insights on how to adjust your tactics and keep remote onboarding and training engaging. Take the next steps from sales to revenue enablement by downloading this essential guide today!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy: Top Priorities


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one area considered by many executives to enable Automation and steer positive growth. A couple of years ago, most executives thought that deployment of Artificial Intelligence isn’t a big deal.

4 tips for creating a customer-centric experience


This is part 3 of a customer service blog series based on conversations with members of Insightly’s client services and customer success teams. Many companies talk about being “customer-centric.” In reality, too few invest the time and effort to provide truly customer-centric experiences.

How to Train a Sales Manager

The Center for Sales Strategy

Assuming a sales manager does need a training plan can be a costly mistake. Too often this element is overlooked, and revenue suffers. Creating a training plan that includes specific elements to be completed in the first 30-60 days on the job is a great way to avoid this.

What does a sales manager do? (+7 must-have skills)


During the company’s all-hands meeting, you find out a sales manager role has opened up. As a seasoned sales rep, you naturally get excited—until you realize that you don’t know how to transition from a sales agent to a sales manager. You begin to wonder, Do I have what it takes?

How to Increase ABM Performance with Empathy

Speaker: Brian Carroll, CEO & Founder of markempa

The highest priority for B2B marketers is effective demand generation (increasing lead quality and quantity). However, we can get so caught up in our ABM strategies, systems, tools, and investments that we lose sight of building deep empathy for the people in the accounts. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to go beyond rational-logic-based sales/marketing and adjust your strategy to understand better how buyers feel so that you can connect and help more customers buy.

Ecsell Sports - Cardio for the Brain

EcSell Institute

Good physical shape is key to student-athlete success, but so is being mentally fit. Ecsell Sports


Loyalty Is an Inside Job, Too

Engage Selling

Recently, I talked about customer loyalty and how it’s your job—not theirs—to create ideal conditions for them to stick with you. But what about within your organization? It matters here, too.


Flywheel Strategy


Strategy Development has followed a set path since the last century where a predetermined, rectilinear, and inflexible approach defined the process. In the 21 st century, however, business leaders are devising Strategy by evolving it into a probabilistic, repeated, and multifaceted process.

Your Guide to Improving and Measuring Customer Experience

Customer Think

The saying “The customer is always right” remains true; Keeping customers happy is a crucial part of any business. One of the best ways to stay in tune with your customers is by nurturing the customer experience.

The Definitive B2B Sales Playbook: Proven Path to $ Multi-Million Revenues

Sales is at the forefront of revenue growth, and so organizations with highly streamlined sales operations consistently outperform competition. How do you create a path to success and fast-track your way to multi million dollar revenues? Read the eBook.

A Social Media Strategy for Recruitment

The Center for Sales Strategy

The pandemic has made the job search for both the candidate and the recruiter challenging. Never has a tight labor market had a deluge of resources in the talent search coupled with savvy job seekers. Online recruiting is not new.

Media 77

What skills and metrics CX teams need in ecommerce: an analysis


In 2020, the ecommerce sector saw explosive growth, expanding by more than 32 percent —double the average growth rate of the preceding decade.

How to Get Past the Gatekeeper, According to Sales Reps


Tarzan and Clayton. Simba and Uncle Scar. Sales development representatives and gatekeepers. All tales as old as time. If you're in sales, chances are you've encountered plenty of situations in which you're trying to reach a CEO or C-level executive to pitch your product or service.

How can VR help with leadership training?

MDI Training

How can VR help with leadership training? Our Virtual Reality & Leadership Development Experts Anita Berger & Dominik Etzl talk in this Interview about Leadership Impact through VR.

Reaching Unreachable Candidates

Speaker: Patrick Dempsey and Andrew Erpelding of ZoomInfo

What is ZoomInfo for Recruiters? Find and connect with the right talent to fill roles fast with more data, basic search, advanced search, candidate and company profiles, and export results. Watch this On-Demand Webinar today to see how ZoomInfo for Recruiters can work to get your talented candidates results.