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Two 2023 financial benchmarks for law firms: The Law Society/Hazelwoods and the Institute of Legal Finance & Management (ILFM)/Crowe

Red Star Kim

So here are two 2023 benchmarks for law firms: The Law Society/Hazelwoods and the Institute of Legal Finance & Management (ILFM)/Crowe. I regularly review and summarise benchmark reports for law, accountancy, property and consultancy businesses. It’s interesting to compare the results from the two benchmarks.

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How Leading Finance Executives Drive Transformative Growth

SBI Growth

SBI recently held its first Chief Financial Officer Growth Forum to bring together like-minded finance executives to discuss common challenges and share best practices with their peers. These growth-focused CFOs gathered in an intimate virtual setting to discuss the following.

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Best CRM For Financial Services – Finance CRM


To achieve this, one of the emerging trends in financial services is Finance CRM. Apptivo’s Financial CRM Software is what your finance teams require to streamline their work and obtain accurate solutions. Here, finance industry. Are you confused about which is the best CRM for the finance industry and what are CRM uses?

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The Cure to Sellers’ Fear of Finance

FinListics Solutions

When we talk to salespeople about finance, we like to start the conversation with the question “How many of you took finance in school?”.

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The Startup's Guide to Purchase Order Financing

Hubspot Sales

For small and scaling companies that don’t have cash on hand to fulfill large orders, purchase order financing can be a viable solution. Purchase Order Financing for Startups. Wondering who purchase order financing is for? Now that we know what purchase order financing is, let’s review how purchase order financing works.

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We are looking for a Senior Finance Manager


Arpedio is looking for a Senior Finance Manager. Arpedio is looking for a Senior Finance Manager. Are you a strong finance profile who is passionate about using financial insights to prepare the business for continued growth and further international roll-out? What you will do. What we are looking for. Cand.merc.aud.

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What Is The Difference Between Margin And Markup In Finance?


When talking about finance and accounting, there are a variety of terms to keep in mind. An easier way to view markup in finance and accounting is this: It is the extra percentage you charge your customers after you have factored in all the cost of goods. One of those is the difference between margin and markup.

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