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What suppliers can do mid-contract to future-proof their negotiations

Strategic Account Management Association

By Jeff Cochran, Partner, Shapiro Negotiations Institute. At Shapiro Negotiations Institute, we coach the principle that the best negotiation occurs when you have leverage. This article discusses what you, as a supplier, can do mid-contract to make your upcoming negotiations more successful. We’ve all been there before.

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Big Customer Negotiating: Dancing with a Gorilla

Holden Advisors

Those negotiations are often tough and focus on price. As a result of those brutal negotiations, the oftentimes smaller seller will lose money or barely break even. The truth is that we see large and small sellers often give too much during hard, price-oriented negotiations with big customers.


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Negotiating: Use Your Power for Good, Not Evil

The Center for Sales Strategy

Negotiation is an art, often perceived with a mix of hesitation and intrigue. Especially in sales, negotiation is not just a skill; it's a necessity. But the essence of effective negotiation lies in the approach: it's about collaboration, not confrontation.

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Giving Concessions is Not Negotiating

Software Sales Guru

Giving Concessions is Not Negotiating Master negotiators make sure their counterpart walks away from the table feeling like a winner. Giving concessions is not negotiating. The post Giving Concessions is Not Negotiating appeared first on Software Sales Gurus. And they do so with a minimum of concessions. Marking up.

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Negotiate Larger Deals More Quickly

What if there was a better method of changing the conversation with your customer from delivering pricing to delivering value solutions? A method that would help keep you in control, manage the uncertainty, and close larger deals more quickly for you and your company? There is.

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One of my First Negotiations

Software Sales Guru

One of my First Negotiations I’ve said before that a master negotiator makes sure his counterpart walks away from the table feeling like a winner. All savvy buyers are players, and they love negotiating, which they treat like a game. The post One of my First Negotiations appeared first on Software Sales Gurus.

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6 Things You Need Before Entering Sales Negotiation

Sales Readiness Group

In the modern, competitive sales landscape, negotiation is no longer simply about price. Smart sales professionals know that a deep understanding of how the deal will unfold and who will be involved is crucial to setting yourself up for a successful negotiation. It is about value.