Sales Leadership Q&A: Driving Success in Remote Sales Environments

Force Management

In our recent webinar , Force Management President, John Kaplan, answered timely questions on sales leadership actions related to the “post-Covid” world and remote working strategies. Sales LeadershipGet more out of your team and cut through the noise of remote working challenges.

Five Ways to Make Teamwork and Collaboration a Reality in a Hybrid Sales Environment?

Sandler Training

The post Five Ways to Make Teamwork and Collaboration a Reality in a Hybrid Sales Environment? Blog Posts Professional Development Building a better sales team sales team development sales teamwork team building team development team selling teamwork teamwork skills


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Weekly Roundup: Create a Goal Driven Sales Environment, Protecting Margins + More

The Center for Sales Strategy

> How to Create a Healthy and Effective Goal-Driven Sales Environment, According to Sales Leaders – HubSpot. The goal of any sales organization is, ultimately, to increase revenue. But first — what is a goal-driven sales environment? >>>

How to Craft a Successful Sales Environment

Hubspot Sales

It was an intense environment — we traveled all around the country playing other teams in decked out conference centers and stadiums. Regardless of where my team traveled or who we were playing, our coaches and trainers worked hard to cultivate a positive, successful environment for us.

How to Create a Healthy and Effective Goal-Driven Sales Environment, According to Sales Leaders


The goal of any sales organization is, ultimately, to increase revenue. Which means the goal of any effective sales leader is to inspire and motivate their sales team to hit, or exceed, their revenue targets. But first — what is a goal driven sales environment?

New Hire Process: Simulate Sales Environment

Sales Gravy

Hiring the right people will solve most, if not all, of the new business production problems that you have today. If you have people today that are underperforming, you have to ask yourself this question: Did I hire them this way or did I make them

How to Create a Stress-Free Sales Environment

Sales Gravy

This stress-free and mature way of doing business will create an environment where sales people can be more honest, prospects will share authentic feedback and there will be no disappointment because honesty results in good relationships and good

No is not a loss

Software Sales Guru

No is Not a Loss Sales environments that suggest every opportunity is “won” or “lost” do not recognize that NO is a good outcome. The post No is not a loss appeared first on Software Sales Gurus. Sales Performance Management consultative selling

Your Top 10 Sales Resources of 2021

RAIN Group

For most sellers, the focus of 2021 has been about adapting to the new sales environment. For many, this meant excelling in a virtual environment. Those who got ahead in 2021 did so by adopting new methods to stand out and stay competitive.

Insights on Maintaining Virtual SKO Momentum

Force Management

If you launched some type of virtual sales kickoff event this year or you’re building momentum for an upcoming sales initiative, what’s your plan to reinforce it throughout the year? Anyone who has launched a strategic sales initiative knows it’s a big effort.

The Best Places to Research a Prospect Before a Sales Call

The Center for Sales Strategy

To avoid this trap and maximize every opportunity in today's challenging sales environment, you'll need a workable sales strategy and viable methods of researching prospects. sales strategy researching prospects

How to Help Your Field Sellers Thrive in a Virtual World

SBI Growth

While the world innovated rapidly and continually adopts many advanced technologies, the sales environment is still catching up. In most cases, face-to-face selling was the top method or process, allowing for strong relationship building, effective communication, and the ability to.

Sales Productivity: How to Survive in a Competitive Market

Force Management

Enable your sales team to pick up the pace this year, particularly if they’re in a competitive sales environment. In a competitive market, the best sales leaders are the ones who enable their teams to differentiate based on buyer needs. Sales Productivity

[SlideShare] 22 Sales Tips for Hybrid Selling

RAIN Group

In a hybrid sales environment, you need to be able to meet and engage buyers wherever they are. The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research has been leading proprietary research to discover the most effective strategies and tactics in sales for nearly two decades.

10 Research-Backed Ways to Improve Sales Success

RAIN Group

This article originally appeared in Entrepreneur and has been updated given the current sales environment. While this new environment has presented new challenges, many companies and individuals are adapting and succeeding even in tough times. Sales Conversations Virtual Sellin

Up-selling & Cross-selling, Improve Your Lack of Confidence & A Quote From Elanor Roosevelt

MTD Sales Training

In this episode we look at upselling and cross-selling in the sales environment. The post Up-selling & Cross-selling, Improve Your Lack of Confidence & A Quote From Elanor Roosevelt appeared first on MTD Sales Training.

Forecast management challenges? You have a relationship problem


A CRO gathers her sales leaders and runs them through the standard procedures: Calling the numbers; closed/won progress; a fly-over of top deals with an update on the current state of play. Regardless of company size, forecast calls all follow a fairly uniform structure.

Whitespace – the missing sales metric that can mean success or failure


No matter how great your sales team is, it’s always easier and more cost effective to upsell existing customers. New logos are increasingly difficult to land as many companies pull back from trying new products or services in an effort to survive a tougher business environment.

How complex is your complex sale? An analogy with Judo belts

KAM With Passion

This post kicks-off a new section of the KAM With Passion blog dedicated to Complex Sales. The series of posts on Complex Sales is about the bottom of the pyramid. How complex is a complex sale situation? Is this sufficient to capture the degree of complexity of a sale situation?

Forecast challenges? You have a relationship problem.


Regardless of company size, a CRO gathers her sales leaders and runs them through the standard paces: Calling the numbers; closed/won progress; a fly-over of top deals with an update on the current state of play. Forecast calls the world over follow a fairly uniform structure.

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SalesTech Video Review: Best Microlearning for Sales Teams


Qstream is the best microlearning platform for a remote sales environment that’s scientifically proven to improve sales performance. Best Microlearning for Sales Teams. SalesTech Video Review: Qstream.

SalesTech Video Review: Qstream Micro-Learning Platform


Qstream is a micro-learning platform for a remote sales environment that’s scientifically proven to improve sales performance. Sales Tools or Sales Stack improving Sales performance Micro-Learning mobile learning Qstream Sales performance Sales Proficiency

Getting Back To The Basics Of Selling

Sales Gravy

If sales people (especially in a consultative sale environment) don’t learn the fundamentals of a consultative sales process, they will just stay mediocre at best. So, what are some of the basics that are important to become a successful sales pers

5 Objection Handling Techniques to Gain Commitment

Clarity Engagement Solutions

Sometimes the complexity of our sales environments makes us forget that the simplest approach is often the most effective. Our Objections Handling and Commitment cards address 5 common objection techniques from Key Decision Makers and outlines methods to gain commitment from KDMs.

Sales Readiness: What does that mean?

Sales Readiness Group

I’ve often been asked as the CEO and co-founder of Sales Readiness Group, what does “sales readiness” really mean. In today’s hyper competitive sales environment, companies are looking for their sales organization to consistently deliver great results. Sales readiness is the work that needs to take place up front so that your sales organization can produce those results. Sales Management

9 Keys to B2B Sales Success

RAIN Group

There are a lot of opinions on what to do to drive sales success. Based on our work with B2B sales teams around the globe, as well as data from the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research , where we relentlessly study what the top sellers do and what buyers are looking for, we have gleaned 9 keys to achieving success in today's B2B sales environment: Sales Performance Improvement Consultative Selling

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Sales leaders: are your sales ship and crew ready for rough sea?

KAM With Passion

You are a sales or company leader and you see the consequences of the sanitary crisis: a very tough sales environment. Sales and company leaders, imagine you are a ship captain. How will you plan for a much tougher environment? Back to being a sales leader.

Today Selling is Tougher Than Ever! Become Customer Centric

Sales Gravy

Many sales training programs miss the mark since it’s all about the company, their products and services and cookie cutter sales methodologies are taught without considering the specific sales environment. Is it a long sales cycle or short? Multiple

Let’s Get Ready for the Future of Sales


Pre-COVID-19, I began researching and writing about why inside sales really matters in a business-to-business (B2B) sales environment and the powerhouse this channel can be to support a sales strategy and a great customer experience. Blog Inside Sales

Why Technology Lacks the Common Sense Sales Approach

Sales Gravy

In a consultative sales environment technology should only be utilized to support the sales process, but never to replace it. People want to feel special and they don't want to be viewed as a mass target. Technology Does Not Replace Humans Everyt

The Fundamentals of Great Customer Service

Sales Gravy

In today’s inside sales environment, customer service reps wear many hats. Often a blend between pure customer service, where reps take inbound calls from existing and potential customers, to an order taking role where those same reps also take inbou

How to Get Your Prospects Attention in Seconds

Sales Gravy

Many sales people struggle with the decision as to whether they should leave a voice mail message or not. In a consultative sales environment, once you have identified your ideal client profile and you have developed theHow effective are voice mails?Many

The New Normal of Selling: Part 3


Hiring in the New Normal – Onboarding, coaching, and developing sales professionals in the new normal. Both salespeople and sales leaders are pushing to keep the sales environment virtual as things return to normal.

The Essence of Good Sales Coaching

Revenue Storm

I will admit, I am frustrated to see such an important activity – sales coaching – become an overused and generalized term. In fact, many sales leaders will say, “Of course I do sales coaching. As though just talking to their salespeople is sales coaching.

#025 Selling Through Partnering, with Fred Copestake


In this episode, I invite Fred Copestake, a sales consultant and trainer specialising in complex B2b sales environments, to get into this topic with me. You will hear us talk through: The three biggest challenges that senior leaders will see when they look at their sales teams. It's logical to just naturally want to build PQ into your sales skills toolkit – isn’t it? Find out your Sales PQ now using this diagnostic tool.

What’s Your Story?

Revenue Storm

The current business to business sales environment is riddled with a mediocre approach and thinking. The average corporate sales presentation is close to 45 slides or pages, and worse, the first five are about your company.

Five Mistakes in the Implementation of New Technologies (AI) in Sales


Introducing new technologies for B2B sales is not always easy. Joachim Meyn has many years of experience in B2B sales and has managed many projects in the area of CRM implementation. This article is closely linked to my article on the acceptance of new technologies in sales. This article applies not only to introducing new technologies in sales but also to introducing significant innovations or restructurings in all departments.

How Leea Huffine at Atlas Copco enables the sales team | Building Modern Sellers Blog Series


In this interview, Leea shares with us how she’s implemented marketing automation, digital deal rooms, and digital media content to support the sales team in a hybrid sales environment. . “We Our sales team was doing really great before COVID.

In A New Business Slump? Try Getting the Rats Out of Your Head!

The Center for Sales Strategy

I was recently working with a group of sales managers on helping their sales teams develop more high-potential accounts. One sales manager looked at me inquisitively and questioned, "The rats out their head?" In our fast-paced sales environment, it's easy to let distractions get in the way. These distractions can sometimes hurt our sales performance and almost always get in the way of developing high-potential accounts.

Two Blind-Spots in B2B Go-to-Market Efforts

Sales Outcomes

Business leaders expect that their sales and marketing organizations will effectively execute the critical motions for go-to-market plan success. Pre-sales regularly participates in initial prospect conversations, but their technical orientation can derail strategic discussions.

CRM 52

The New Normal of Selling: Part 1


The past year has presented sales leaders with unprecedented challenges. Since the beginning of the pandemic, B2B sales opportunities have decreased 73%[2]; and closing sales opportunities has grown increasingly tough. The demand for sales professionals is growing.

How Matt Ondrejko, VP of Global Marketing at Valmont Industries, is leading a digital transformation | Building Modern Sellers Blog Series


In this interview, Matt shares his perspective on how to get a business to digital faster using methods and tools that reduce print and increase customer insights in a non-traditional sales environment. . Valmont Industries is early on in its sales enablement journey.

7 Ways To Coach & Mentor Your Sales Team

MTD Sales Training

When sales managers have opportunities to develop their sales team, it’s something they should throw their whole time and attention at, as they seldom have the chance to get out of the fire-fighting mode and spend time working on. So what are some ways to ensure success in this important part of the sales manager role? By analysing the mindset of great coaches, you pick up useful and applicable tips that can be utilised in the sales environment.