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What Is An Account Development Manager? (And How to Become One)

Hubspot Sales

When establishing a new customer account, the business should perform due diligence to determine if taking the account is in the best interest of the bottom line. This is where account development becomes a helpful function. Individuals in this role are commonly referred to as an account development manager.

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How To Make Account Development Your New Year Centerpiece

Gary Smith Partners

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Account Planning: Manage Long-Term Account Development


Account Planning: Manage Long-Term Account Development. Account Planning: Manage Long-Term Account Development. ? Thus, account planning occurs in order to better understand clients’ motivation and needs, and in return, you can form meaningful relationships with your accounts. Back to blog.

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Sales Prospecting Tips from A to Z

The Center for Sales Strategy

And, whether you’re selling a service, product, or idea, it’s important to balance new business development (or prospecting) initiatives with key account development and growth. Prospecting for new business is vital to the sustainability and growth of almost every business, especially in today’s economy.

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What is Key Account Management? Strategy and Tips


These will be integral when building out an account plan that enables sellers to achieve their desired outcomes.

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Strategic Account Management


Strategic accounts are not just any customers; they are the key customers that hold significant value and have the potential to contribute substantially to the company’s growth and revenue. A strategic account development plan serves as a roadmap for nurturing and growing these important accounts.

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What Sales Reps Should Do in the First Quarter of a New Year, According to Experts

Hubspot Sales

Pinpointing these accounts makes it easier to remove leads from your pipeline that don’t serve you well, so you can start the new year by having conversations with high-impact prospects. Moore adds, “Before reaching out to these prospects, be sure to identify customer stories that match these accounts. Investigate social selling.