143 Local Government KPIs & Scorecard Measures

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A government key performance indicator (KPI) is a type of measure. Government KPIs provide a tangible way for the public sector to report on performance and hold different departments accountable for their actions.

LIVE - Elevate Your Board Governance for 2021 with Terry Clark

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Leadership Board governanceOn December 10th at 9am Pacific, join us LIVE with a very special guest, Terry Clark.


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How to Win Profitable Government Contracts w/Kizzy Parks, PhD (Ep#125)

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Parks Consulting, where she's won well over $60 million in government contracts. Recently, she started GovConWinners to help service-based small business owners learn how to win their own profitable government contracts. Sales podcast government

5 Principles That Govern High-Functioning Teams


Here are the five essential principles that govern high-functioning teams. High-functioning teams consist of individuals who achieve positive outcomes for their team and organization. These groups outperform other teams, going above and beyond to reach high-quality results.

How to Overcome the Pain Points of Your CRM

When used effectively, a CRM can be the life blood of your sales team – keeping everyone organized, efficient, and at peak productivity. Leveraging leading industry research from industry analysts, this eBook explores how your sales team can gain back valuable time.

Elevate Your Board Governance for 2021 - with Terry Clark

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

On this special long episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, Terry joins us to talk all things related to board governance, Executive Directors and more, including: SME Strategy ·. Elevate Your Board Governance for 2021 - with Terry Clark Ep#87.

Local Government Annual Budget Process: Step-By-Step Guide

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Technically, a budget is simply a spending plan, forecasting the estimated revenue and expenses for a local government over a specified future period. With such a big job to do, it’s no wonder that the local government budget process is usually long and laborious.

The Importance of Price Governance in Capturing Enterprise Value

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Article Corporate Strategy Pricing Strategy administration board ceo committees corporate decision making diffuse directors ethics executives fiscal duress governance mission policy pricing responsibility rules staff

The Basics Of A Good Local Government Dashboard (With Examples)

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A citizen-facing, government dashboard is a way to showcase performance and tell a story about your data, but is not a data dump. You’ll notice that the government dashboard examples in this article are often dedicated websites showcasing relevant information.

Strategic Planning In Local Government: The Main Components & Examples

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You’re working on a strategic plan for your local government. If there’s anything we’ve learned from working with local governments, it’s that you’ll do whatever it takes to grow and thrive as a community. What Is A Government Strategic Plan?

The 5 Best Places To Find Local Government Benchmarking Data

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Local governments today want to know how they stack up to one another. Having access to great local government and city benchmarking data can be helpful for internal purposes and to show residents how your city is doing compared to similar cities nearby and around the country. The (ICMA) is a professional organization that’s mission is “to create excellence in local governance by developing and fostering professional management to build better communities.”

11 Mission Vs. Vision Statement Examples In Government & Healthcare

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In this article, we’ll show you some of the best examples we’ve seen of the interplay between mission and vision in the government, healthcare, and finance industries. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best examples we’ve seen of the interplay between mission and vision in the government and healthcare industries. 11 Mission Vs. Vision Statement Examples In Government, Healthcare & Finance. Local Government.

(LIVE) Digital Transformation in Action: Lessons Learned in Local Government ???????w/Jazz Pabla, City of Kelowna

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Digital transformation is happening all around us - and things are moving quickly. But every organization and every industry is different. You might've been getting along just fine for a long time without making the transition to digital, or maybe you went digital as soon as possible.

How to Collaborate Among Competitors?

Peter Simoons

In a recent virtual coffee call, I was asked how to organise a governance structure for a collaboration of 10 competitors. As we discuss extensively in our Alliance Masterclass , there is, of course, more to governance and the art and science of successful alliances.

Your Data and Governance Processes Are Slow and Inefficient, What Now?

SBI Growth

As a chief executive, you need access to real-time, credible, actionable intelligence. Unfortunately for many organizations, data is spread across siloed legacy systems. In order to grow revenues faster than your industry and competitors, you need a culture-shifting strategy centered. Article Corporate Strategy business intelligence ceo chief executive credible CRM data dataset ERP intelligence make your number michael garcia real time SalesForce SBI's PDF Workbook SBI's Workbook SQL

Why is Consultative Selling Better?

Software Sales Guru

Sales Skills consultative selling government sales star coachingWhy is Consultative Selling Better?

Close the Door on the Close

Software Sales Guru

Sales Skills close sales consultative selling government selling systemsClose the Door on the Close One of the reasons salespeople get a bad rap is because most people associate sales with a hard close.

Align Your Board & Increase Your Chances of Strategy Implementation

SME Strategy

alignment implementation strategy implementation Board governanceSME Strategy is a strategy consulting company that specializes in aligning teams around their vision, mission, values, goals and action plans.

LIVE - How to Win with Your Board & Stakeholders w/Lauren Harrell

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Leadership Board governanceAre you a board member or someone who works closely with a board? If so, our next live event is for you.

A Complete Strategy Map Template (Including Examples)

ClearPoint Strategy

Within this article, we’re highlighting seven strategy map examples—two in the for-profit area, two in the healthcare field, one for nonprofits, and two for local governments—to show how different strategies can be well-represented. Local Government Strategy Map: Metropolis.

Board Management Tips to Help Your Team Win w/Lauren Harrell Ep#99

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Leadership podcast Board governanceLauren is the Director & Head of Commodities for the Financial Institutions Group at Chatham Financial, the largest independent financial risk management advisory and technology firm.

The Power of a Public-Facing City/County Dashboard

ClearPoint Strategy

To start, let’s clarify what a good Local Government dashboard is and what it isn’t. As shown in the examples of local government dashboards provided in this article, many cities and counties use dashboards more like a storybook, offering relevant information in clear and digestible segments.

How to Leverage Analytics to Be the CRO’s Chief of Staff

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Your obligations as a Revenue Operations leader are under constant pressure. Your sales team is constantly under the watch of the Executive Team and Board of Directors; however, their priorities aren’t necessarily coordinated. The lack of clarity from the top.

8 Things Your City/County Strategic Plan Might Be Missing

ClearPoint Strategy

When a local government implements a strategic plan correctly, it can advance the openness and sense of community that many want, and the focus it provides can truly work wonders in terms of accomplishment. Strategic Planning Strategy Execution Strategy Reporting For Local Government

The CMO Guide to Data: Why Your Marketing Database Is Broken, and How to Fix It

SBI Growth

Technology has fundamentally changed the role of Marketing. What was once seen largely as an art, has increasingly become less about fancy pictures, and more about deploying revenue generating messaging to the masses. The rise of radio and television made.

Strategy Execution: 5 Organizations That Have Done It Well

ClearPoint Strategy

The City of Germantown took a unique approach to strategy planning and execution because it chose to follow a corporate framework versus a more traditional local government model. Strategic Planning Strategy Execution For Local Government For Private Sector For Utilities

A Full & Exhaustive Balanced Scorecard Example

ClearPoint Strategy

A Local Government Balanced Scorecard Example. If you’re in municipal government, figure out which areas of focus are critical to your city through citizen and leadership input, and then group your objectives beneath those categories.

You Received ARPA Funding, Now It’s Time To Report On It

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Many state and local governments received funding from the U.S. This act established the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) program to support governments in their ability to respond to the economic and public health impacts of COVID-19.

How Can the Discipline of Pricing Drive Improvement for Business Services Firms?

SBI Growth

Article Pricing Strategy bad sales habits business firms CLB cs customer talk customers CX discounts growth lower profits price governance price wars pricing pricing discipline profits sales behaviors service firms short term gains the normBusiness service firms can make significant gains if they have pricing discipline, unfortunately most do not. In fact, 30% of companies reduce pricing by 10-24%.

#ELGL20: It’s a Wrap

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#ELGL20: Local Gov Oktoberfest is the Engaging Local Government Leader (ELGL) network’s annual conference. With a mission to engage the brightest minds in local government, ELGL conferences cover a wide variety of local government topics.

ELGL Traeger Awards – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) recently announced the winners of the highly coveted Traeger Award. The ELGL Traeger Award recognizes the top 100 local government influencers. Erin is very humble in her approach and it is apparent that she has a heart for local government. .

Linking Budget to Strategy Virtual Event Recap

ClearPoint Strategy

What happens when you get three high-performing local government organizations in the same Zoom room? And if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, check out our whitepaper, Linking Budget and Strategy in Local Government.

Achieving Organizational Buy-in: The Tale of Two Communities

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Natalie Evans: We work with a lot of servant leaders in our organization – this is the nature of local government. We’re improving the quality of life of our residents; we’re achieving high performing government; we’re ensuring fiscal responsibility.

10 Cities Focused on Sustainability Initiatives

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Below you’ll find inspiration on how to share your plan with residents, initiatives to improve sustainability efforts in your local government, and targets your city should aim for. Develop a democratic process to give residents direct decision-making power in local government.

How to Succeed at Making Real Progress [PODCAST]

Sandler Training

Mike Montague interviews Kristen Cox, a former government official and management expert, on How to Succeed at Making Real Progress. The post How to Succeed at Making Real Progress [PODCAST] appeared first on Sandler Training.

Investment in Community: 2020 Strategy and Performance Management Cohort Recap

ClearPoint Strategy

In August 2020, we teamed up with ELGL to launch the 2020 Strategy and Performance Management Cohort, a three-month program to help local governments draft and implement a strategic plan quickly. The program was free of charge to local governments serving Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, who wanted to invest in the long-term future of their communities but couldn’t afford it. Key Takeaways: That sharing is caring in government.

Achieving Organizational Buy-in: The Tale of Two Communities

ClearPoint Strategy

Natalie Evans: We work with a lot of servant leaders in our organization – this is the nature of local government. We’re improving the quality of life of our residents; we’re achieving high performing government; we’re ensuring fiscal responsibility. About ClearPoint Strategy Execution Strategy Execution Software For ClearPoint Users For Local Government

All Companies Who Interact With European Citizens Must Check Architecture For Compliance With New Data Rules

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Big Data CTO Cyber Security Government NewsThe European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. This is not just important for firms that operate in Europe, but any firm that interacts with European citizens. Any company that holds data on EU citizens must comply. The new rules were approved […].

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3 Priorities of Focus For Sales Transformation


The second transformation is Data Governance. Today most CRM instances are in the wild west age of data governance. Sales Tools or Sales Stack crm Data Governance Data-Driven Approach Dharmesh Singh Enterprise Database Fullcast Fullcast.io 3 Priorities of Focus For Sales Transformation. In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can transform sales in a significant way. This week I interview Dharmesh Singh , Founder and CEO of fullcast.io.

How this University Created Their Strategic Plan (During a Pandemic) - with Dr. Alison Van Rooy

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Alison Van Rooy is a Senior Advisor to the President of Strategic Planning & Institutional Initiatives at Vancouver Island University (VIU), as well as a long-time policy planner for the Government of Canada.

The Important Role of Pricing Departments in the Price, Cost, Revenue Equation

Holden Advisors

We’ve found this is true even with governments, who are typically price and RFP oriented. Not every company has a pricing department. Here we explain why they are incredibly important players in the price, cost, revenue equation.

From Fragmented to Unified Insight-Driven Buyer Strategies

Customer Think

B2B Leaders Must Develop Unified Approaches to Buyer Strategies and Customer-Centricity Even though the business world is experiencing tumultuous change, B2B’s structure and governance are still very much fragmented.

What Matters Most To Todays B2B Buyers

Customer Think

For B2B sellers, grasping the thought process behind a customer’s purchasing decisions can be particularly challenging, as that thought process isn’t strictly governed by logical elements. Photo by Unsplash, CC0 1.0