How T&L Companies Are Shifting GTM Strategy in a COVID-19 World

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Among those who have an opportunity to thrive are industrial markets like transportation and logistics. While businesses world-wide have been grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, few industries have been seeing a surge in demand.

How Royal Became a Trusted Advisor and Streamlined Solutions Saving $300,000 Per Patient

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Royal Ambulance is a California-based transportation company committed to connecting patients and providers in the healthcare continuum through transportation, technology and seamless experiences. Decrease the time case managers spend on scheduling patient transport.


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The Three Levels of Artificial Intelligence – We’ve Only Just Begun

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Advanced technology operates behind the scenes, powering and optimizing smartphone apps, transportation, healthcare, retail, and more.

Gas Prices are High. So are Customer Expectations.

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Fleets of vehicles transporting nearly every Amazon/Wal-Mart contraption we can dream of are bracing for the next price spike that trickles down the chain. Rising gas prices impacts us all. Digital signs at every corner reminding us of a price we can’t fathom.

The Most Significant Benefits of Lean Manufacturing


Waste refers to non-value-adding activities such as transportation, motion, waiting, inventory, overproduction, over-processing, and defects that are not meaningful to the customer. No matter what industry your organization is in, competition these days is tough.

Data Standardization Can Give B2B eCommerce Brands A Competitive Edge

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It flows through every stage of a seller’s operation, from production and purchasing, to transportation, storage, sales, and delivery. With standardized data, digital sellers can help customers make better buying decisions Data is the lifeblood of B2B eCommerce.

5 Ways You Can Maximize Logistics Automation Functionality

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It became a necessity for businesses – particularly those in the transportation and warehouse industry – to utilize automation technologies to ensure employee safety.

A Comprehensive Guide to Business Process Design

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Just as you’d want to ease the logistical headaches of booking transport for your dream vacation, businesses look to simplify and streamline processes en route to their dream of success. Processes are defined as a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end.

Disabled and down but definitely not out – A story of hope after a year

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I realised that public transport is much less accessible than you think. Taking ages to get into an Uber to transport me to hospital and worrying about the loss of income for the poor driver as he waited patiently.

3 Questions to Determine the Best Type of Revenue Growth

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billion dollar transportation and logistics business. SBI recently spoke with Charlie DeLacey, the vice president of corporate development and strategy at the Kenan Advantage Group. The company is a $1.5 And their growth rate has been in excess of 10-15%. Article Corporate Strategy

How Aramex’s Young SAM Program Provides Strategic Value and Impact

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Aramex is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, headquartered in Dubai and listed on the Dubai Financial Market. By Shahaboddin Wahdatehagh, Sr. Director Global Account Management, Aramex.

7 Types Of Urban Planning Concepts Explained

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Urban planning touches on numerous city-life elements—new and pre-existing land, buildings, roads, communal spaces, transportation, economic development, infrastructure, and the environment, among others. Safety and transportation such as roads, police, and fire facilities.

SWOT Analysis Template & Examples


Transportation: Consumers commonly state lack of transportation or ease of transportation as a barrier during their stay. Regulation: Unexpected governmental or transportation policies that could threaten our production facilities and tax incentives.

When Zero is the Only Acceptable Goal


The Utah Department of Transportation has an audacious goal. Zero fatalities. According to its website, “Zero Fatalities is all about eliminating fatalities on our roadways.

How to take airline CX out of a holding pattern


Secretary of Transportation, said of this summer’s travel woes. Things have gotten so bad that on September 1, the Department of Transportation launched an online dashboard to help air travelers keep track of cancellations and delays.

143 Local Government KPIs & Scorecard Measures

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Transportation KPIs. Public Transportation Satisfaction Rating : Overall public transportation satisfaction can be measured with a survey, and can show how happy residents are with public transportation options (and how likely they are to use those options).

Achieving Revenue Growth Through Alignment


Recently, a global leader in transportation solutions faced the challenge of driving new revenue growth. How can you achieve revenue growth through alignment of roles expectations, business objectives, and compensation plan elements?

Interesting facts and statistics about B2B wholesale and manufacturing in Europe


On the other hand, wholesale in the EU-28 employ about the same number of people as transport or hotels and restaurants, around 10 million people. Facts and statistics about B2B wholesale, distribution and manufacturing in Europe & Germany.

Why Start a (True) Key Account Management Initiative?

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Like its competitors, MAERSK Line, the Danish logistics giant is facing a commoditisation of marine transportation. Polarized attitudes towards Key Account Management.

Role Of CRM In Travel And Tourism Industry


The development of new transports has extended the capabilities of the travel industry. Right from arranging transportation to hospitality and destination services, the travel agency is offering a complete package for their customers.

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From 50 Employees to an $11 Billion Valuation, This Lyft Exec Has Seen It All

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I understood their pain points,” she remembers, “Transportation is a barrier for policymakers’ most vulnerable communities. These constituents need convenient transportation to access healthcare, jobs, and childcare -- and they need it to be affordable.”. Transportation is still one of the highest expenditures for state and local governments. We must understand an individual organization’s transportation challenges and work together to solve for those challenges.”.

What Is a Reservation Price?

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If you’re a freelance photographer, you’d want to assess the costs you’d incur to take the job (transportation, materials, effort), your level of experience, and the desires of the person hiring you. is it close to transportation, restaurants, downtown, etc.)



EXL serves customers in multiple industries including insurance, healthcare, banking and financial services, utilities, travel, transportation and logistics, media and retail, among others. Silicon Slopes, Utah, June 15, 2021—XANT, the leading enterprise Sales Engagement Platform has announced an ongoing strategic partnership agreement with EXL, a leading operations management and analytics company.

My Favorite COVID Sales Curveballs- Buddy, Can You Spare a Refrigerator?


It’s a rich and multi-layered story touching on geography, economics, transportation, logistics, and sociology. By Louis Greenstein – SalesGlobe.

Third Workplace – A Plea for More Flexibility

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I am very creative, for example, in moving forms of transport (plane, train, bus, car, etc.) Third Workplace – A plea for more flexibility.

What's an Expense Report? [Why It Matters + Template]


Expense reports allow you to track spending over time and identify whether any particular expense category (such as transportation or hotels) is driving costs excessively. Transportation.

What Are Some Surprisingly Good Times To Prospect? | #AskJeb

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And that would be the same thing for logistics and transportation. Odd Times That Are Great For Prospecting. Jennifer, a sales representative in Salt Lake City, Utah asked: “What are some of the odd times during the day or week that can be surprisingly good for prospecting?

What Are Some Surprisingly Good Times To Prospect? | #AskJeb

Jeb Blout

And that would be the same thing for logistics and transportation. Odd Times That Are Great For Prospecting. Jennifer, a sales representative in Salt Lake City, Utah asked: “What are some of the odd times during the day or week that can be surprisingly good for prospecting?

How to Forecast Revenue During Uncertain Times

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If customer accounts conduct business in industries hardest hit by the pandemic - for example retail, transportation and travel - the AM or CSM automatically moves the account to high-risk for churn or partial churn (reduced licenses or spend).

How to Increase Profit Margin: 5 Strategies for Any Business


Air Transport: -25.03%. Transportation: 3.88%. Transportation (Railroads): 25.07%. Businesses exist to make money. That's not a particularly shocking or controversial statement, but it still bears repeating.

Our journey of becoming CO2 neutral – reasons and tips

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when choosing the means of travel, we give higher priority to the ecological impact than to personal convenience, e.g. public transport whenever possible. MDI is CO2 neutral. The pandemic has made us more thoughtful. Adult education in presence is connected with traveling.

7 CRM integrations you need to supercharge your tech stack


All your data from SuperOffice CRM will be transported into Microsoft PowerBI, which allows for easy processing of data with, for example, Microsoft Excel (and other sources). How many apps do you use? If you’re anything like the average person, at least 40. But why so many?

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What is value creation in sales?

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The automotive industry is undergoing a transition to offering fossil-free transportation, by being able to supply fossil-free steel SSAB are contributing to that change of identity. Value-creation focused selling is essential for sales and marketing organizations.

Dear Amazon, New York doesn't want you: Negotiation Know-how

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Politicians who need to ensure the city can cope with these new jobs with transport, housing and schools. Another New York hot topic is congested transport, so New Yorkers were always going to ask, how will they get to work with 25,000 more Amazon workers on the road or subway?

The Most Important KPIs in Distribution and the Influence of AI


KPI delivery quality is about recording and documenting all errors that occur during delivery or transport to the customer. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are also used to manage companies in the retail and wholesale sectors.

Small Business Marketing Ideas & Tips for SMB Business Owners

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Makes sense when you think about all the people scrolling through social media while at work, at the doctor’s office, or on public transportation. It’s always a good time for business owners to think about the most effective small business marketing ideas.

B2B Dynamic Pricing – What Is It and How Can You Implement It In Your Company using Software


Dynamic pricing is a common practice in industries such as retail, travel, hospitality, electricity, entertainment and public transport. All prices in Business-to-Business are dynamic. Some are just more dynamic than others.

The Six Dimensions Of Sales Roles


Market segments may also be described vertically, such as healthcare or transportation, or a combination of these variables. Defining sales roles has a direct connection to the sales compensation plan. When identifying the roles, consider these six dimensions.

The Blue Ocean Strategy Summary (With 4 Examples)

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Uber: Before Uber was founded in 2009, customers looking to get from point A to point B without their own vehicle had to rely primarily on taxis to obtain a private mode of transportation.

High-Velocity Field Sales with Multi-Objective Route Optimization


Texas A&M Transportation Institute. High-Velocity Field Sales with Multi-Objective Route Optimization. Let’s face it. Managing a field sales team that visits customers at appropriate intervals, doesn’t cost too much, and actually meets revenue and customer satisfaction goals, is a high art! And when it comes to measuring field sales success, using antiquated KPIs and SLAs, forget it.

Build a Price Corridor using B2B Pricing Analytics – Example


Transport, freight costs and taxes should be flatted out. Pricing Analytics in B2B: The Price Corridor. Pricing policy decisions are of enormous importance for companies due to their straight impact on profits.

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How can VR help with leadership training?

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This makes it very easy and uncomplicated to set up and transport – even for those who have no experience with VR. How can VR help with leadership training?

Tailoring Your Sales Message


Distribution & Logistics: “ I’d like to share with you how our solutions help lower costs like warehousing and transportation.”. The average size of a buying group has gone from 5.4 stakeholders in 2014 to 10.0