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Bridging the Customer Knowledge Gap: ClientIQ's Business Goals & Strategies

FinListics Solutions

One of the first things all salespeople learn is how to articulate the value proposition of their product or service to a prospect or customer. Understanding what your company does, and being able to explain it to a customer such that they understand it is part and parcel to the sales process.

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Top Reasons Salespeople Don't Close The Deal

The Center for Sales Strategy

A successful sale often depends on the product and customer knowledge of the salesperson, but what happens when the hard work isn’t translating into results? For any sales manager, it's incredibly frustrating when their salespeople don’t seem to be able to close the deal.


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9 CRM Tips & Tricks from HubSpot's Experts

Hubspot Sales

Imagine if every business had this level of customer knowledge and personalization. Wouldn’t you want to make your customers feel valued? That's where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software comes in. When you go up to the counter, a barista greets you and asks if you want your usual order.

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Assurance Assurance is composed of the knowledge, abilities, and trustworthiness of staff and their capacity to use this expertise to kindle trust and confidence in customers. Knowledge comprises the necessary qualifications, skills, and training to deliver the service effectively.

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Navigating the New Generation of Strategic Account Managers

Strategic Account Management Association

Denise Freier, President and CEO at Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA), and Dino Bertani, Vice President, Head of Alliance Management at Zealand Pharma, talked about what’s shaping the role of KAMs/SAMs in today's business arena, and how Sales and KAM/SAM leaders can enable KAMs/SAMs to meet current and future customer needs.

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What is a Land and Expand Sales Strategy?


Form relationships with the right people – this can be through executive sponsor programs (in Scott’s case they used a program called Exec Connect) or through existing relationships your team has. Seek deep customer knowledge – understand your customers’ businesses as well as they do or better!

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How to Make Strategic Customer Engagement a Top Competitive Advantage in 2024

Strategic Account Management Association

The Congruity Group leads a webinar to help revolutionize your approach to customer engagement and create a lasting impact on your company’s growth. The post How to Make Strategic Customer Engagement a Top Competitive Advantage in 2024 appeared first on Strategic Account Management Association.