Wed.Jun 05, 2024

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Can My Top-Performing Salesperson Become a Top-Performing Manager?

The Center for Sales Strategy

We know that top-performing salespeople are extremely driven to meet and exceed their goals. With that drive also comes the desire to continue to move up the ladder. As a leader, it’s natural to have these salespeople “next on this list” to move up when a position becomes available. But are all top-performing salespeople destined to become top-performing managers?

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Mastering Executive Sales Conversations: Be Ready to Crush Your Sales Meetings with Insights from Industry Experts

FinListics Solutions

Stephen Timme and Ben Cagle joined The Cringe Podcast to tackle how to handle executive sales meetings head-on with host Adam Clay, CEO of RNMKRS.

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When Disaster Strikes: 7 CX Rules to Build Loyalty

Customer Think

It was 1:00 am when we heard the blare of the Tornado sirens going off. “Dave, the sirens are going off!” my wife yelled from upstairs. “Big deal,” I muttered under my breath. The sirens were always going off.

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How Employee Engagement Builds High-Performing Teams: 5 Insights


Employee engagement is the connection that a worker feels to the job. It’s about how enthusiastic a person feels toward the work and the objectives the team and organization are trying to meet. An employee’s level of engagement influences their dedication to the team and organization. Do the employees care about the work? Are they interested in the performance of the team or organization as a whole?

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2024, The Year of the Customer

2023's struggles fueled a shift: companies are ditching wasteful strategies in favor of data and AI-powered growth. Enter 2024, the year GTC takes center stage. Discover 5 ways a customer-centric approach unlocks new revenue and delivers lasting success.

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SMS Marketing—a Comprehensive Guide to Effective Strategies


If you’re like most people, you use your phone for everything—from shopping online to engaging in telehealth visits. Chances are your company’s customers do, too. And that means reaching your audience through their phones is a highly effective way to get your message out. With so many people on their phones, it’s no wonder SMS marketing is surging in popularity: According to Statista, worldwide spending on SMS advertising is expected to reach $870 million by 2029.