Thu.Jun 06, 2024

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10 Ways to Increase B2B Sales Performance with Successful Feedback

The Center for Sales Strategy

The feedback a sales manager provides can either propel a salesperson to new heights or stunt their growth. Yet, too often, managers fail to give the right feedback at the right times, missing critical opportunities to develop their team's talents.

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Latest Podcasts: Scaling Sales Teams

Force Management

This month's Revenue Builders Podcast guests shared the kind of lessons you can only learn from experience. From startups to enterprise, these leaders have failed and iterated to find what works - and they joined John Kaplan and John McMahon to share the wealth. Dig in below for stories about founding and scaling startups, growing as a sales leader, hiring and implementing new product models, and establishing a winning sales discipline.

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Delivering More Customer Delight, Not More AI Hype

Help Scout

Today we’re announcing two brand new AI features from Help Scout: AI drafts and AI answers. We’re so excited for you to try them, but it’s also important for us to keep it real about what they’ll change and what they won’t.

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How GTM Strategies are Changing with B2B Buying in 2024

SBI Growth

For commercial leaders looking to make the most of 2024, Q2 seems to be the perfect time to accelerate growth. However, based on our findings, many companies are also concerned about the changing state of B2B buying ­– buyers today are increasingly unfamiliar with their processes, slowing down deals and delaying decision-making. Commercial leaders need more than just positive demand to take the lead; they must make the right business decisions to ensure sustainable growth in 2024.

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2024, The Year of the Customer

2023's struggles fueled a shift: companies are ditching wasteful strategies in favor of data and AI-powered growth. Enter 2024, the year GTC takes center stage. Discover 5 ways a customer-centric approach unlocks new revenue and delivers lasting success.

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Join Envisio at the 118th Annual GFOA Conference in Florida


Hey finance folks! Are you ready for the 118th Annual Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) conference? We sure are! This year, sunny Orlando will play host to the GFOA, and we are excited to be part of the action. Last year was filled with so many takeaways ; from aligning budget with community outcomes and strategy, to the importance of transparency.

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Webinar: Customer-centricity as a revenue lever in ABS (Account-Based Selling)


The truism “creating value for your customers will eventually create revenue for your company” perhaps rings loudest in the targeted, relationship-heavy, high-value space of account-based selling. In Key Account Management (KAM), as we aim to move from being a vendor for our key accounts to a strategic partner who can co-create value, the single most dominant value that can drive this transformation is – customer-centricity.