Objections in Sales Presentations

Software Sales Guru

Objections in Sales Presentations Overcoming objections is an important step in the sales process, but it’s one of the most dreaded parts of sales. The post Objections in Sales Presentations appeared first on Software Sales Gurus. Sales Skills consultative selling sales presentations

Presenting Remotely – Visual Frequency


More and more presentations are being done remotely. Remote presentations are simply not as effective. While remote presenting will never be as good as “in the room” presenting, it can be significantly better.


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10.5 Presentation Tips

Jeffrey Gitomer

Presenting Jeffrey gitomer presentation tips sales presentations sales training We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

Next Year’s Pipeline – No Time Like the Present

Revenue Storm

There is no time like the present! The post Next Year’s Pipeline – No Time Like the Present appeared first on Revenue Storm. Who knew that Sean Combs (aka P Diddy) would send a message that stands the test of time? Five years later, and it is still “all about the Benjamins, what?”

Roadblocks to Delivering a Competitive Buying Experience

Why are buyer-facing teams struggling and what can be done about it? Bigtincan teamed up with Heinz Marketing in a recent research study to discover the roadblocks revenue-generating teams encounter in preparing buyer-facing teams for today’s market. Click here to learn what you can do today to prepare!

Presenting Remotely – Visual Frequency


Yesterday we delivered our Visual Frequency workshop as part of our Presenting Remotely series. It was a fun group to work with and we had some good discussions about how to keep people’s attention during virtual meetings. Thanks for joining us! . We will offer this workshop again in the future. To see what sessions are coming up, check out the course catalog here: COURSE CATALOG. For more posts, click here: Past Articulus Posts.

The Importance of Pitching the Perfect Sales Presentation

The Center for Sales Strategy

One of the ways to do this is through a sales presentation. It presents your product or service to clients professionally, informing, educating, inspiring, and motivating the customer or investor to take action in favor of your product.

13 Tips to Master Your Next Proposal Presentation

RAIN Group

As one of the final steps to close a sale, the proposal presentation is essential to answering lingering questions, demonstrating impact, and connecting with decision makers.

7 Secrets of a Winning Capabilities Presentation

Hubspot Sales

Set your company apart from the rest by keeping your prospect’s needs front-and-center in a well thought-out capabilities presentation that is more about the client than your desire to sell to them. Capabilities presentations usually aren’t necessary for low-value or direct-to-consumer deals.

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What To Do When Something Goes Wrong In Your Presentation

MTD Sales Training

The presentation is going well, the customer is appreciating all our demonstrations, your ideas are being well-received…. I had this situation when I was presenting to a prospective client a few years ago, and it wasn’t funny. It wasn’t the death nell in the whole presentation, but my slides had facts and figures on them that would have proved beneficial for the prospect to see. Then take a look at our Sales Presentation Skills Webinar. Many of us have been there.

Presentations That Sell | Sales Tips

Engage Selling

Therefore, it makes sense that we talk about presentation formats this week. I believe that you should always present in person when possible. I know it’s not possible all the time, but your … Read More » Sales Tips Client Communication client relationships closing Colleen Francis Engage Selling Solutions Presentations sales leadership Sales Motivation Sales Presentations Sales Strategies sales tips sales trainingLast week, we talked about proposal formats.

So What. So What's Changed?: A Conversation on Customer Engagement for 2022 and Beyond

Speaker: Peter Turley, Author and Award-Winning Marketing & Sales Speaker

Join Peter Turley, author and award-winning marketing & sales speaker, for this insightful high-concept talk on modern customer engagement.

How To Customise A Compelling Story For Your Sales Presentation

MTD Sales Training

How many times have you made a presentation and afterwards thought ‘that was so boring, even I wouldn’t have bought my product!’. There are many occasions where we have presented a solution and it’s not created any connection with the prospect. How, then, can we build a great presentation and really connect with the prospect? First, lets see what we shouldn’t do in our presentation: A product demonstration should NEVER be a tour of features and functions.

The Perfect Solution Presentation

Engage Selling

The perfect solution presentation follows a series of steps to help facilitate this. You never want to present solutions to a client without being strategic! Ultimately, your clients are looking for solutions to their obstacles or problems.

*Repost with Video* Presentation Content vs. Delivery


Were the speech judged on Greta’s presentation skills alone it would have been quickly forgotten. The post *Repost with Video* Presentation Content vs. Delivery appeared first on Oratium. Communication Skills Delivery Design News Presenting & Presentations Storytelling

The Science of Memorable Sales Presentations

Hubspot Sales

We've all fallen victim to a boring presentation at one point or another, but you don't want it to happen at a make-or-break moment in the lifecycle of an important deal. The Science of Sales Presentations. Tips for Making Memorable Sales Presentations.

How To Conduct An Online Sales Presentation Through A Virtual Meeting

MTD Sales Training

You’re conducting an online sales presentation to a prospective new customer…. Just how can you increase their engagement and keep them interested – and how can virtual meetings and virtual presentations achieve this? Presentation Slide Deck. So what is a bad presentation?

Coaching for More Effective Sales Presentation Skills

Sandler Training

In addition to following the basic principles of not presenting too early and ensuring that the presentation is delivered as one component of an effective professional sales process, there are four steps sales professionals can follow to ensure more effective presentations.

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Dealing With Nerves During Formal Sales Presentations

MTD Sales Training

You’ve been asked to make a formal sales presentation in front of a panel as part of a beauty parade and you’ve not had a lot of experience or training in doing it. Sales Presentations dealing with nerves for a presentation how to prepare for sales presentations We’ve all been there. Or maybe. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Part Five | Sleep and Sales Performance | Better Sales Presentations [Podcast]

Sales Gravy

On part five of this Sales Gravy podcast series on sleep and sales performance, Jeb Blount (author of Sales EQ) and Jeff Kahn (CEO of Rise Science) discuss how sleep can help you deliver better sales presentations. Listen to Part Four of Sleep and Sales Performance Podcast Presentation Skill

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5 Steps to Stronger Sales Presentations

Engage Selling

The best product in the world won’t save the day if your sales reps are delivering flat presentations. Sales Coaching motivating employees optimizing sales Pipeline Management sales Sales Presentations sales quota sales success selling The Sales LeaderLet’s face it, some salespeople oversell, some salespeople undersell, some might find a happy medium but lack confidence in their delivery.

6 Reasons Why You Should Always Plan Your Sales Presentation

MTD Sales Training

One of those things that often goes by the wayside is proper and complete preparation for a sales presentation. Because so many other things are pressing us for attention, we sometimes feel that we don’t have to give preparation for our presentations that much time. Imagine being in a presentation with a new prospect, and a slide appears with another company’s logo on it. Or you present a solution that wouldn’t work for this particular prospect in their market.

6 Actions You MUST Take After Your Sales Presentations

MTD Sales Training

I remember meeting a salesperson in my office who presented me with a product that would hopefully deal with some challenges we were having at the time. Sales Presentations what to do after sales presentationsThe product was quicker, more efficient and. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

How Not To Sound “Wooden” When You Present


How Not To Sound “Wooden” When You Present. Catching up on our podcasts we came across a fantastic answer to one of the most-common delivery questions we field: how can I not sound wooden or forced when I present? Communication Skills Delivery How to Presenting & Presentations

5 Steps to the Perfect Solution Presentation | Sales Strategies

Engage Selling

?????There comes a point in every sales cycle where you have to present solutions to the client and I often get asked how to do this. Here is my presentation process for you to use. First, start by stating the challenge, problem, or … Read More » Sales Tips Presentations Sales Presentations sales solutions solution presentation solutions

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Should I Present Solutions? Or Are Options Better?

MTD Sales Training

Those questions were raised at a recent sales course we ran, and they are interesting because most salespeople are trained to present and close at every opportunity. Sales Tips building value in solutions creating options giving choices option selling presenting solutions Presenting the sale selling solutions In fact, in one of my favourite. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

How To Practice Your Sales Presentation

MTD Sales Training

I ask sales people if they routinely practice their presentation and often I get the response, “Oh, I have been doing this for years. Or, “I’ve done this presentation so many times, I can do it in my sleep.”. Below are a few tips on practicing your sales presentation to get it perfect and to keep it that way! One of the best places to practice your sales presentation is alone, in front of the mirror. Practice adapting the presentation to fit your personality and style.

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Top 10 Customer Retention Presentations on SlideShare

Outbound Engine

We’ve compiled the 10 best SlideShare customer retention presentations that discuss retention strategies, opportunities, statistics and more. Besides being the most adorable of the SlideShare customer retention presentations on this list, this is a great overview. This presentation parallels the loyalty your dog shows to you with the loyalty that you want your customers to show to your business. Turn these customer retention presentations into strategy.

Your best prospects are your present customers.

Jeffrey Gitomer

your present customers. Looking for new prospects? Who isn't! You probably have hundreds you're not paying attention to. Leadership Repeat sales

How To Present Solutions That Make The Prospect Think Differently

MTD Sales Training

When salespeople present their solutions to prospects, they seldom see the whole picture. What I mean by this is that many salespeople see their product or service and present it from their own. [[ This is a content summary only. Sales Presentations changing buyer perspective presentation skills presenting solutionsVisit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Sales Meetings – Present or Ask Questions?


The big question – Should I present or ask questions? Salespeople always have this dilemma when they get into a presentation or a conversation with a prospect. Take a look at your existing presentation process and think about it from a buyers point of view.

Transitioning From Presenting To Gaining Commitment

MTD Sales Training

Sales Process closing the sale Gaining commitment presenting solutions There comes a time in every salesperson’s discussion with a prospect when they need to change tack and get to the decision-making bit. You know…grabbing the prospect by the throat and. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

The Present Is Understandably Occupying Most of Our Thoughts, But …

Sandler Training

The post The Present Is Understandably Occupying Most of Our Thoughts, But … appeared first on Sandler Training. As we learn to live with COVID-19, all action that sales management takes must be predicated on the necessity not only to create an effective management relationship, but also to maintain it. Articles] Blog Posts sales management sales management strategy sales manager

Sales Presentations: Present Like You Mean It

Sales Gravy

In order to strike a balance between no theme and full-on theme park, it’s important to understand how to choose a theme that’s right for your presentation and your audience. A group of flight attendants in matching uniforms strolled through the b

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Raj Nathan on Sales Presentations That Don't Suck

Liston Witherill

20:00 When to Use a Sales Presentation 26:25 The Entertainer’s Effect 29:25 Your Killer Sales Deck Raj’s Sales Presentation Fail Early in his career, Raj was working on the biggest deal of his life. The presentation failed. Your presentation has to be interesting.

Three On-Demand Presentations to Watch with Your Alliance Management Team

Vantage Partners

The 2020 ASAP Global Summit featured many great presentations – and because the conference was virtual, these are all available to registered participants through August 18th.

The Secret to Getting More Business from Your Sales Presentations

Miller Heiman Group

From preparation to execution, sales presentations can be difficult to manage. The uncomfortable truth is that sales presentations are failing sellers and, more importantly, buyers. CSO Insights’ 2018 Buyer Preferences Study found that 40% of sellers ineffectively present their solution and value to buyers, and only 10.9% Better Presentations Start with the Audience. Improving the impact of your next sales presentation is beautifully simple: obsess about your audience.

3 Reasons You Should Join 2017’s Conversational Presenting Trend

Hubspot Sales

Conversational presenting is a big trend in 2017. Treating each meeting like a conversation allows you to navigate presentations based on your prospect’s needs. It also ensures better communication, retention, and engagement before, during, and after you present. Want to take conversational presenting a step further? You need to set yourself and your business apart, and talking with your prospects instead of presenting at them is a great way to start.

7 Simple Steps for Better Sales Presentations

Engage Selling

Do you find yourself struggling when you have to present to a senior decision maker of a company? I am often asked how salespeople can make this process simpler so I have created this 7-step plan to make it really easy for you to get through a presentation with high-level managers and/or officers.

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How To Get Your Prospect In The Right State Before Presenting

MTD Sales Training

Sales Presentations how to present presenting solutions state managementHave you been successful in a sale and then tried a similar appraoch with someone else, only to find it goes terribly wrong? Join the club! We often think that because we’ve sold our product or. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

7 Ways to End Your Sales Presentation With a Bang


Closing a Sales Presentation. But most sales presentations end with a whimper, rather than a bang. End your presentation by referring back to the opening, like so: “Wondering what happened to Client X? Sales PresentationsGo back to your opening anecdote or idea.

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The 6 Types of Presentation Styles: Which Category Do You Fall Into?

Hubspot Sales

Types of Presentations. Everyone on the internet has an opinion on how to give the “perfect” presentation. And don’t even try to find coordinating opinions on whether you should start your presentation with a story, quote, statistic, or question. But what if there wasn’t just one “right” way to give a presentation? Below, I’ve outlined six types of presentation styles. Freeform style presenter: Steve Jobs. Freeform style presenter: Sir Ken Robinson.

14 Sales Presentation Techniques That Will Help You Close More Deals Today


What makes a good sales presentation? An effective presentation tells a compelling story, highlights your value proposition, and aligns with your audience's needs and desires. Hate the thought of doing sales presentations ? Sales Presentation Techniques.