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Think good business is all about profit? Guess again…

Mercuri International

Purpose means being driven by a higher goal beyond solely profit and genuinely caring for societal and environmental issues. To be profitable. But even if money and profitability are prerequisites to running a business, this short-term pursuit of profit is being increasingly questioned, by both customers and personnel.

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Strategic Account Management Association

That leadership will have to strike the right balance between short-term profits and long-term sustainable growth. It is a comprehensive approach aimed at challenging companies to grow in a good way that enhances the planet and delivers broader prosperity, happier employees and more sustainable profits. The 6P Good Growth Model.


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Big Customer Negotiating: Dancing with a Gorilla

Holden Advisors

Let’s take a look at how GE evolved to a sole-supplier partnership with Boeing. GE won the deal and became sole supplier of engines for three versions of the 777. Sellers need enough confidence and willingness to lose the business to get a profitable deal. So, if you feel like you’re dancing with a gorilla, change the music.

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9 Unexpected Reasons Why Key Account Management is Important

Account Manager Tips

Importance of key account management Existing business is cheaper and more profitable than new business. Account growth, renewals and advocacy are difficult for indirect suppliers because procurement focus on spend management. Invested in the relationship and view you as a strategic supplier. Suppliers are dispensable.

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Building Relationship Strategies: Time To Get Personal


In fact, suppliers who adopted the Credo of the Sales-Ready Messaging wallow in a misguided comfort that their marketing collateral and sales documents are on message and so their work is done. Applying technology in this way is all about profitably scaling the confluence of supplier and buyer individuality.

Suppliers 195
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How to Identify Key Accounts: A Quick Guide to Getting it Right

Account Manager Tips

Is your solution a good fit and does it meet your clients’ needs compared to other suppliers? To what extent will your customers invest in the relationship and view you as a strategic supplier? Clients who believe in joint success and consider you a strategic supplier. Revenue is a vanity number without profit.

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What is the value chain? Value chain definition, model, and examples


Every executive in the world spends part of their day wondering how to make their products and services stand out while still turning a profit. Ideally, companies can use the value chain model to create a competitive advantage by widening their profit margin—more efficiency, fewer costs. In this piece, we cover: Value chain definition.