How Business Services CEOs Are Responding to Industry Disruption

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While the Business Services industry saw comfortable growth preceding the pandemic, only a select few market leaders have been able to accelerate growth since the crisis began.

How a Business Services CEO Seizes Market Opportunities

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Over the last 6 months, there have only been an elite few known as “Accelerators” — those companies that have thrived in a recessionary environment. One such company is CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society. By expediting the growth.


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Nexa Acquires Client Chat Live, Expands Its People-Powered Business Services

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With the acquisition, Nexa rounds out its people-powered business solutions with 24/7/365 live chat and text messaging.

How Can the Discipline of Pricing Drive Improvement for Business Services Firms?

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Business service firms can make significant gains if they have pricing discipline, unfortunately most do not. Article Pricing Strategy bad sales habits business firms CLB cs customer talk customers CX discounts growth lower profits price governance price wars pricing pricing discipline profits sales behaviors service firms short term gains the normIn fact, 30% of companies reduce pricing by 10-24%.

New SBI CEO Research Reveals How 11% of Business Services Companies Are Revitalizing Growth to Drive Revenue and Satisfaction

SBI Growth

September 14, 2020 | Dallas, TX – Sales Benchmark Index (SBI), a management consultancy specializing in B2B revenue growth, today announced the publication of their latest research report, “Revitalizing Growth: Accelerate While Others Stand Still.” ” The report uncovers how market leaders. News & Press Research Report

Avoid the revolving door – Recruiting and retaining marketing and business development professionals in PSFs

Red Star Kim

The Great Resignation arrived somewhat early in the marketing and business development (M&BD) teams of professional services firms (PSF) after Covid. Marketing or Business Development or both ? Business development can be defined in a number of ways.

What Are the Keys to Packaging Your Services to Win in a Competitive Market?

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To skip to the juice, Download the Packaging Services for Revenue Growth Assessment Tool. When we hear “services revenue” we often think of professional. If the above is true for you, you are not alone – but the trend is shifting.

Independent Board Members Validate SBI’s 2023 CEO Growth Planning Survey Results

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With SBI’s 2022 CEO growth planning survey as the foundation for discussion, they captured critical insights from the board members serving one or more companies with market caps between $500m-$1B, mostly PE-owned companies in software, technology, and business services.

Create Real Change in a Rapidly Changing World - Interview with Victoria Pelletier

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Having started her journey very young as a 24-year old executive, she's spent her entire career working in business-to-business services at various consulting and technology companies.

How Strong Is Your Commercial Culture?

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While the product-market fit for companies such as Salesforce, Microsoft, and Amazon (AWS) is a major culprit of growth, we’ve observed the commercial teams in countless other high-flying technology and business services companies marching to a different drumbeat than the rest of the organization.

The Challenge of Selling Expertise (Not Product)

Strategic Account Management Association

An interview with Michael Thomas by Harvey Dunham, Managing Director of Business Development at SAMA. Michael Thomas is the founder of Magnetic Services. Service teams generally have that expertise but can’t scale as broadly as your SAM community.

How Affiliate Marketing is a Win-Win for Sales

Sales Gravy

Affiliate marketing is the business of utilizing and maximizing multiple outlets to promote a product, publication, or business service. In essence, affiliate marketing makes online marketing a means for reaching a broader range of potential clients

This is How to Tell if You’re Ready for Strategic Planning


An operating business. This seems like an easy one, but quite often people talk with us about strategic planning who are just planning to start a new business. Some businesses – even going concerns – have no awareness of who is buying from them, and why.

The CX Factor

Deep Insight

This blog is a shortened version of an article entitled The CX Factor which originally appeared in the October 2021 edition of Modern Lawyer , published by Globe Law and Business. Trust, reputation and brand generally play an unusually important role in buying professional services.

Mission Statement Examples


Coca-Cola’s mission statement: “The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by our business.”. The timely delivery of these services enables the FDNY to make significant contributions to the safety of New York City and homeland security efforts.”.

What is customer facing? What are the skills and qualities essential for customer-facing employees?


Customer facing refers to the business service feature experienced by the customer. The customer service personnel resolve the issue of the customer. Marketing, sales or customer service customer facing teams need to properly communicate things in a clear and concise manner.

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Love the One You’re With: Why You Should Focus the Most on Your Current Customers

Strategic Communications

One of the most common mistakes I see many businesses fall prey to, and especially small businesses, is focusing too much on getting in new customers/clients and not enough on nurturing the customers they already have.

The future of sales is connection


The past two years haven’t been easy—they’ve shown that true disruption is forced on businesses, not chosen. While every industry, company, and team has been disrupted in some way, no other aspect of the business world has been more affected by disruption than sales teams. Disruption.

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The best ways to protect customer information in CX


At an increasing rate, restaurants have adopted app delivery services, fitness memberships pivoted to virtual exercise experiences, retail now rely heavily on e-commerce, and office work accelerated business services like Zoom, Slack, and DocuSign.

Power, Politics, and Benchmarking Influence Strategy in 2013

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In Business Services companies, Operations executives usually have more power than Sales executives. This is especially true in Business Services companies and other more mature business models. Ops says Sales doesn't understand the business. There was only one wrinkle: Robert’s business relationship with Operations. Robert’s story rings true to many sales leaders in Business Services industries.

Listen to Chapter 1: What Your CEO Needs To Know About Sales Compensation


The customer learned an important lesson about how to improve the results for his business, and together the company and the customer saw significant improvement in results, demonstrating the power of sales compensation and its connection to the sales strategy.

18 Networks All Entrepreneurs Should Consider Joining

Hubspot Sales

Founders came to us for guidance on a variety of issues, but one of the most pressing concerns we saw consistently was network expansion — these business owners had trouble making the right connections. million small businesses in the United States — making up roughly 99.9%

TechTarget Announces Closing of BrightTALK Acquisition


Increase its customer base and revenues – For customers that already do business with both TechTarget and BrightTALK, there will be opportunities to expand the relationships. TechTarget Completes its Acquisition of BrightTalk, a Leading Virtual Events Platform. NEWTON, MA – DECEMBER 23, 2020.

Is Your Sales Data Causing Inaccurate Forecasting?


Forecasting in Current Business. Forecasting, across all of a business’ operational and strategic aspects, is necessary. Guy Rudolph, Vodaphone Director for Business Planning, even says that it’s “absolutely fundamental.”. A 2013 study by business services company Experian has found that 91 percent of businesses suffer from data errors. And, however way you spin this, it is bad for business. By definition, forecasting is inexact.

The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Strategies


Whether you’re a business beginner or a pricing pro, the tactics and strategies in this guide will get you comfortable with pricing your products. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs and business owners to skim over pricing. Pricing Strategies Based on Industry or Business.

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6 best Conga alternatives & competitors


Every company generates quotes, contracts, and other documents during their business process. Equipped with all the functionality you need to enhance your CLM and CPQ processes, PandaDoc is a user-friendly document solution that is built to scale with your business.

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6 Best Conga Alternatives & Competitors


Every company generates quotes, contracts, and other documents during their business process. Equipped with all the functionality you need to enhance your CLM and CPQ processes, PandaDoc is a user-friendly document solution that is built to scale with your business.

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60 Stats to Know About Entrepreneurship in 2020


As 2019 came to a close, entrepreneurs and small business owners held a strong sense of optimism. In fact, 82% of small business owners surveyed in the Bank of America Small Business Owner Snapshot expected to end 2019 bringing in more revenue than the year before.

Why Your Company Needs a CRM to Grow Better

Hubspot Sales

CRMs work for a plethora of business types across a variety of industries including technology, business services, retail, banking, manufacturing, security, communication, and media. across your sales, marketing, or service orgs.

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Top 7 Formstack alternatives to help you get the most of forms creation


And, without a Zapier connection, integration with essential business services is limited. Users on the PandaDoc Business and Enterprise plans can build web forms using the same great drag-and-drop tools that they currently use to create contracts and proposals.

Top 7 Formstack Alternatives in 2021


And, without a Zapier connection, integration with essential business services is limited. Users on the PandaDoc Business and Enterprise plans can build web forms using the same great drag-and-drop tools that they currently use to create contracts and proposals.

How to reinvigorate and break the SaaS growth ceiling


Certainly, over the last decade software as a service (SaaS) has grown at a remarkable clip, with new startups appearing all the time and joining the party. It pays to be prepared, therefore, for any slowdowns that might affect your business.

Social Selling Applicability by Industry

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One business services firm increased sales appointments by 35% but did not see a revenue increase. The potential impact of Social Selling varies greatly by industry. Social Selling will be highly disruptive to some industries. Not so much to others. If you are in an industry where social selling has high applicability, peddle faster. If you don’t modify your core sales model, your competitors will beat you. It is unwise to play it safe in this situation.

Solution Selling: The Ultimate Guide


It's a sales methodology that became popular in the 1980s, and it's based on a pretty simple premise: A salesperson diagnoses their prospect’s needs, then recommends the right products and or services to accommodate them.

Why Top Sales Executives Get Fired

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He worked in a legacy business services company. This is a high level article for the top sales leader in the company. Your title may be CSO, CRO, SVP of Sales, or Sales VP. It doesn’t matter. If you are the one individual at the top, you’ve asked yourself this question: “If this doesn’t get fixed, will I get fired?”. Everyone who ever held the top job has asked themselves this at some point. You are working 14 hour days to make the number.

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Sales Metric of the Year

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For example, one of my business service clients learned an unknown fact. The same service being sold to the same customer against the same competition. All they did was shift the channel they moved the service through. Here are the 5 sales metrics CEOs nominated for Sales Metric of the Year. 209 CEO survey responses. 41 CEO in-person interviews were used to capture 36 sales metrics that CEOs feel “reveal the truth”.

Client Insights Report 2021 (part one) with Carey Evans & Simon Rhind-Tutt

Account Management Skills

So Relationship Audits, we audit relationships amongst commercial organisations who either provide a service or buy a service. And actually, the insight that they’ve gathered from clients talking about their relationship with service providers, can provide us with some actions, some activities and recommendations for what we should be doing differently now. But if it’s anything greater then that presents a massive risk to the business.

Your Customers Are Telling You to Reconsider Inside Sales

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Many companies investigated Inside Sales a few years ago and decided their product or service was too complicated or specialized to sell without an expensive direct sales force. From software to business services, the message is clear: re-evaluate your Sales Force Structure by piloting, expanding, or reconsidering your commitment to Inside Sales. This article is written for the Sales Executive who believes that listening to Customers is a great way to drive revenue growth.

Top sales blogs all sales managers need to follow


This is understandable when you consider that data shared in the Harvard Business Review suggests that 90% of decision makers won’t respond to cold calls, according to Sales Leadership Forum. HubSpot Sales aims to help growing businesses transform the way they sell to match the way people buy.

How to Get Your Startup Up and Running with a Business Incubator

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Over the last decade, founders and startups have turned to business incubators and accelerators to scale their business. But what is a business incubator? What Is a Business Incubator? A business incubator is a company that helps startups and new businesses accelerate their growth and success. In fact, the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) categorizes incubators into five types: Academic institutions. Business Incubators.

The Complete Guide to Sales Contracts: 6 Templates to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

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You’d even be forgiven if you thought it was just another convoluted business term with an accompanying three-letter acronym (Why are the acronyms always three letters long?). Many business owners, managers, and sales reps think contract management is just a matter of getting a signature and storing the contract away in a CRM. The result for the vast majority of businesses? When a client agrees to receive a contract, they’re usually ready to start a business relationship.

30 Virtual Assistant Companies & Services to Make Your Job Easier

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Here are some of the key services a virtual assistant can offer. When you contact most virtual assistant companies, you can tell them more about your business and what you're looking for, and they'll source the right fit for you and your needs. The Virtual Hub offers outsourcing for entrepreneurs to reclaim their time and grow their business. Fancy Hands is a service that measures tasks as "requests," which are defined as 20-minute blocks of time.

The 39 Best Franchise Opportunities of 2018


Dunkin' dropped the "Donuts" from its name, but this business is as recognizable as ever with locations in 32 countries. The UPS Store is the top-ranked franchise in the business services industry. JAN-PRO is a commercial cleaning franchise whose clientele is other businesses.

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